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  Topics PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE a 13yrs Practicing Natural Therapies

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE a 13yrs Practicing Natural Therapies

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hello what are the natural methods for reducing the blood sugar level....?

Hi, However I am not sure about it but yes it is high in flavonoids, anthocyanin and other phytochemical so it might help in regulating the blood glucose levels because of it high antioxidant property. Feel free to ask more question. ...

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Kill-Kilo (an extract from a konjac root in Japan) is being heavily promoted by a Dr Shinto of Natural Choice, Ville Amphrey, St Martins GY4 6DT. Part of the claim is that it has been used by geishas to keep slim. A typical claim is that someone lost over 3 stone with no effort, no diet and only in 4 weeks(!) Also "lose up to 1 stone in 1 week". Is this a SCAM or is it genuine? If the latter, are there any side effects or interference with any medications?

Hi, Kill kilo diet pills are basically fat burners with unknown composition/ingredient and have been advertised quite a lot. There has not been any drug trials to test these kind of pills or its interaction with other drugs. These are not approved by FDA and more on this can only be trusted if told by people who have tried it. The way to go about weight loss is to talk to a nutritionist and following the plan as told. Also, physical exercises are important. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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How can I increase the tightness in my penis with natural exercises ?

Hi, You can increase the size of penis by having a better routine(getting up on time and sleeping on time ),doing regular yoga,having a healthy diet,and regular aerobic exercises should be done. Avoid too much weight lifting and don't keep laptop or mobile in your lap regularly. You may also try jelqing. It is a squeezing technique in which you will squeeze from the base to the corona(upper end),may also be described as milking. Massage oil over penis might be tried and avoid smoking. All th ...

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I have acne scars on my buttocks in the shape of concentric circles on most parts of my buttocks. Can you suggest some natural ways ?

Hi, Acne on buttocks can be genetic,and occur more commonly in people who have dark colored skin The treatment options for pigment scars vary from over-the-counter products to more aggressive in-office treatments, depending on the severity of the scars. Over-the-counter bleaching creams that contain two percent hydroquinone, used in conjunction with glycolic acid-based lotions.then you should try and wear cotton clothes and undergarments and keep it clean and dry Use of sandalwood paste on th ...

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Hi My name is Priya and i am a software professional. I am very thin . I eat regularly and good nutritious food. Rarely i take junk foods. But there is no sign of my weight increasing. What can be done to gain weight?

Hi, The easiest way to gain weight is to add calories to your diet. For every kg of weight gain you will have to add about 1500-2000 calories to your diet. Your diet must include at least three basic meals, and two snack meals, which should include high calorie diet, shakes, ice cream, butter, oil, cheese, dense potato, spreads and bread. If you are not gaining weight even after increasing your diet, then you should have a medical check up done to investigate the root there are many c ...

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My name is Rajinder. The problem of excessive perspiration started past 5-6 years and its becoming worst. Even in a little humid /hot weather condition or when i work a little or even walk faster my whole body perspires abnormally. It's very embarrassing for me, i can't wear what i like can't go out with friends, all the time i just try to stay in air conditioned it's effecting my professional as well as personal life. Is there any treatment that can help me.

Hi, I believe your whole body sweats as you have not mentioned if any particular part of body sweats(like soles,armpits,palms). Mostly the cause of excessive perspiration is idiopathic and does not have any cause. You will have to look if there is any irritating factor like avoid excessive spicy food,try to see if you are using any soap which irritates your skin(if that is so then try using a bland soap,you may use a moisturizer also. Try wearing loose clothes and use plain dress material like ...

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