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This cold urticaria is there for almost one and a half years and i am taking 5mg cetrizine once in two to three days. And now even for ordinary water i am allergic. Rashes and mild itching is there. Is there any way for desensitisation?

Hi You told me that you have urticaria since once year is just that your history or do you have some old history of allergy to,because allergy is one thing which will be a part of your immune system and this might come out later on but not so late and at least it can't be the first attack. You can notice it by your self,watch your self closely what is the thing that you are allergic to(common things people are allergic are dust,some food article like some non veg dish,chlorine,some clothing us ...

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I am suffering from Acute Urticaria and am on Allegra together with Betnesol for the past 1 year. I also have Hypothyroidism. As a result I have gained a lot of wieght.

Thank you for the information. Your history qualifies as Chronic Urticaria. This can have many underlying causes and management consists of trying to find an underlying cause along with treating the patient symptomatically. Hypothyroidism and in particular thyroid auto-antibodies are an important cause of Chronic Urticaria. So this could well be the case with you given your history of hypothyroidism. Still other causes need to be ruled out. Other common causes include Infection anywhere in t ...

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