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Manage your personal health on the cloud

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Manage Vital Health Stats

Healcon's personal health record allows you to manage vital stats like height, weight, cholestrol, blood sugar, bood pressure etc.

You can easily keep track of trends over a span of time in easy to understand graphical interface . This helps you in understanding how your diet, excercise or medication is impacting your vital health stats over a period of time. Acordingly you can take right decisions to keep your vital health stats within prescribed limits .

Now keep all your vitals health parameters in check by managing your personal vital health stats at healcon. Its mobile friendly so you can always manage it on the go.

Manage Medical History, Immunization & Procedures

You can also manage family medical history using personal health records at healcon. Having details of family history managed at one place helps us to easily show these records to our doctor so that an expert can easily connect dots if required .

Immunization taken in past by dates can also be updated in sengle interface , this helps in keeping track of pending immunization in future .

Details of all the procedures done in past by date and the outcome also helps doctors when you visit hospital for your next surgery or procedure.

Upload medical documents on the cloud

Managing paper records of your past tests, procedures, immunization is cumbersome and probability of lossing this very important data is high. With healcon personal health records you can easily upload all your health records on the cloud . Its safe, secure and chances of your lossing data is negligible.

Keep documents on the cloud also means that you dont need to carry paper documents all the time. You access healcon personal health records from your mobile phone or any device for that matter. This ensures that all your health records are just few clicks / tap away .

Follow patients like you

You can find patients like you and learn from their experiences.

Its a great way to stay in touch with patients who are suffering from similar health problems/symptoms and their story of experiences about a particular treatment, hospital or a doctor. Sometimes these feedback can be useful to stay alert while undergoing treatments .

Follow health tips from top doctors in your network

Top doctors contribute to answers/tips related to health and you can easily make best use of this platform by reading doctor's posts related to health topic of your interest.

You can even follow doctors to never miss what your favourite doctor's health advice, answers & tips .

Explore answers to questions from top doctors related to your health problem

Healcon automatically shows you already answered health queries by doctor by matching your recent health queries or health topics you follow. This is an easy way to know what doctors are suggesting for particular health condition.

This knowledge-base keeps you aware of important fine details which you can always confirm with your family doctor or the doctor under whose supervision you are undersgoing treatment.

Track Medication

Healcon's health record helps you manage all the medication undertaken by dates along with dosage.

Keeping medication taken in past at one place helps you be aware about how much medicine intake you are under over a period of time. Also whenever required you can easily provide details of past medication to your doctor who inturn can infer a lot about your current health problem.

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