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You can signup with healcon and create your public profile for free. You can manage your prestigious public medical profile and showcase your expertise so that patients come to know about you beyond your locality.

By creating medical profile your profile becomes searchable on healcon and also on search engines like google and bing. Patients can find you online and also book appointments online. You can accept or reject appointments based on your availability of scheduled slot.

Millions of patients visit healcon.com every year, create your profile and be found.

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Answer patient queries online

You can answer health queries of patients related at your area of expertise, help patients by providing them medical advice before/after their physical visit to a doctor. At healcon you get the power to save lives and also bring happiness to patients around the globe.

Top doctors with high reputation at healcon also get a chance to earn online by answering premium health queries online. Signup with healcon and start answering health queries of patients around the globe.

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Gain medical reputation online

By signing up with healcon and answering health queries of patients , you start gaining medical reputation in your field of medical expertise. You start earning reputation points we call docPoints and more you help patients with detailed responses to their health queries , more docPoints you start earning.

Build your health network

More you gain medical reputation at healcon, higher are your chances of patients following you. This creates a viral effect and doctors who showcase their knowledge best start gaining more and more followers from around the globe. The patient followers also follow every medical advice/tips you provide in future .

You can also follow other fellow doctors around the globe in your area of expertise to gain better insights into latest in medical science. This effectively means that healcon provides a unique platform which helps you grow your healthcare network. Larger the network, higher is your ability to influence and be known.

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