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  • Dr. Debasish Dutta answered:

    Respected mam.. I m Sharan from Bangalore I am thin ...
  • Dr. Bipin Vibhute answered:

    Hello sir... My brother is suffering from Chronic ...
  • Dr. Bipin Vibhute answered:

    I'm 34yrs old. I'm a GERD patient. My last endoscopy ...
  • Dr. Linette saldanha answered:

    i have the result of my fecalysis and i just want to ...
  • Dr. SHAMEEM HABIB answered:

    I am taking glucomet GP.5 and glucophage 250 in the ...
  • Dr. Debasish Dutta answered:

    sir im 20 yrs old and im facing problems of my face. ...
  • Dr. mano aarthi answered:

    Gud evng sir, my mom is suffering from conjunctivitis ...
  • Dr. Sosela Rrusho answered:

    My father age 88 yes is complaining of mild shivering( ...
  • Dr. Linette saldanha answered:

    I would like to know that there is any treatment for ...
  • Dr. Bipin Vibhute answered:

    Hi. I'm nikkz. 2 months ago I suffered from diarrhea ...
  • Dr. Bipin Vibhute answered:

    i am suffering with umbilical hernia after my ...
  • Dr. SHAMEEM HABIB answered:

    i m diabetic for last 14 years and depends on insulin ...
  • answered:

    Hi, my hair has been falling at an alarming rate this ...
  • Dr. mano aarthi answered:

    My fathers vision is very faint. He has bilateral ...
  • Dr. mano aarthi answered:

    Price of cataract surgery for imported lens ...
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