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  • Dr. Suhail Ahmad answered:

    I took gynaecosid tablet together with antibiotic will ...
  • Dr. Suhail Ahmad answered:

    Hey I am suffering from frequent loose motion . I ...
  • Dr. MANU AGARWAL answered:

    i daily go to the gym n i have more sweat during ...
  • Dr. Suhail Ahmad answered:

    I am 22 yrs old, suddenly come fever yesterday eve ...
  • Dr. Girija P answered:

    I think i have bipolar disorder i have done several ...
  • Dr. Mr Akash answered:

    Suffering from loose motions for last two days. Have ...
  • Dr. Mr Akash answered:

    Sir iam 19 years aged boy Last one week iam admitted ...
  • Dr. Mr Akash answered:

    Sir my test report typhoid fever igm positive last ...
  • Dr. Girija P answered:

    Hi I have been suffering with a obsession since long ...
  • Dr. PRADEEP KUMAR answered:

    Kitna din mai sperm nikal chaye hai #Jisme health mai ...
  • Dr. Sunny Gupta answered:

  • Dr. Vinayak Pandya answered:

    Hi doctor,main 19 years old larka hu.maine apne gf ke ...
  • Dr. Sunny Gupta answered:

    Can i eat baby food cerelac to lose weight. As it ...
  • Dr. Anie Dhandhania answered:

    I want dr suggestion for my daughter teeth at ...
  • Dr. Vinayak Pandya answered:

    Due to cervical issue while sleeping i am getting ...
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