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  • Dr. Mr Akash answered:

    Dr how fight this side effect plzz tell me Dr its ...
  • Dr. Mr Akash answered:

    I am a 24 yr old uncircumcised male. I had sex with a ...
  • Dr. N krishna chaitanya answered:

    Hello doctor I am 36/M, 4 months back i had a fall ...
  • Dr. Mr Akash answered:

    NORMET suspension 30 ml, How many times per day dosage ...
  • Dr. PRADEEP KUMAR answered:

    Helpo sir pleade help me. Meri age 22 he or meri ...
  • Dr. Girija P answered:

    I think i have bipolar disorder i have done several ...
  • Dr. PRADEEP KUMAR answered:

    Mam I used To masterbate 2 times.....Is Their Any ...
  • Dr. PRADEEP KUMAR answered:

    If i stop doing masturbation, is it possible that i ...
  • Dr. PRADEEP KUMAR answered:

    I have missed my period for 3days now,after then I got ...
  • Dr. PRADEEP KUMAR answered:

    Sir i have a doubt... i never take any breakfast in ...
  • Dr. Fahad Afzal answered:

    My husband has stage 4 cancer of the colon and ...
  • Dr. Girija P answered:

    Regarding mental Depression, which department I should ...
  • Dr. Sunny Gupta answered:

    Hello,i am a vetrinary doctor. my prb is my slim body ...
  • Dr. Mr Akash answered:

    Suffering from loose motion since today morning. No ...
  • Dr. Vinayak Pandya answered:

    Hi doctor,main 19 years old larka hu.maine apne gf ke ...
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