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Your clinic profile webpage provides with ability to inform patients about the treatment and services which are provided at the clinic. Patients can even endorse a clinic for a partiular treatment or service taken in past. This provides patients and visitors of your clinic webpage an opportunity to know what treatment/services are provided at your clinic and also what is your clinic expertise .

Gather reviews of patient's experience at your clinic and showcase on clinic profile webpage

Clinic webpage also allows visitors to provide reviews about their experiences of treatment in past. Better the reviews higher is the probability of clinic getting more eyeballs on healcon and also higher is the proabability of patients wanting to book an online appointment with your clinic.

Clinic reviews play critical role in building patient-clinic trust.

Improve discoverability of your clinic. Your clinic profile allows patients to search your clinic on healcon

Your clinic profile starts featuring in healcon clinic search and when patients search for particular specialization and locality then we always try to showcase clinics of high reputation on the top so that patients can book appointment online with nothing but best doctors & clinics .

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Your public clinic profile page also gets indexed on popular search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc which helps you further expand your audience and get easily discovered by patients looking for your clinic online or those who are looking for specialization & locality that matches yours .

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