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Healcon provides you a unique platform to showcase your medical expertise by providing you all the tools to easily answer patient queries online. Patients across the global ask thosuands of health queries at healcon. We match these health queries to medical expertise of the doctors and based on this match surface patient queries which you might want to answer.

All you answers also get features on your public medical profile which provides a sense of trust to visitors about your medical expertise.

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More you answer on healcon , better is your medical reputation. Also not to mention better, detailed and helpful answers to patient's queries help you get even higher endorsements for your skills and hence improves your medical reputation over a period of time.

If other fellow doctors "Agree" with your advice than this endorsement by other experts also helps improving your medical reputation online.

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Top experts and doctors with high reputation also get a chance to answer premium questions at healcon. You get paid for every such premium answer if patient accepts your answer. Healcon thus provides you a unique platform to also earn from the comfort of your clinic/hospital or home.

Higher the acceptance rate , endorsements, quality of answer provided by you, better gets your chances of earning more at healcon .

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Lot of patients at healcon seek second medical opinion when they are in doubt. It is not easy for them to find the right expert from whom they can ask for answers to your health related queries. At healcon given you build your reputation around your medical expertise, it becomes easy for lot of users around the world to find right doctor for their health problem, you answers can really help make difference to their lives and bring happiness on their face.

You can reach out and help somebody who might not have physical access to best doctors in thier neighbourhood.

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