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Improve Visibility & Expand Reach

Healcon helps clinics who wish to improve patient footfall at their clinic by working with clinics to improve their discoverability and providing more coverage for patient searches relevant to the clinic.

Using these tools you improve visibility of your clinic multi-fold and hence enhance chances of higher footfalls at your clinic.

Target your audience

We help you target your patient audience by location and speciality of your clinic. This helps in providng you better visibility to the audience which is most relevant for your clinic and hence increasing the probability of more patients visiting your clinic.

Brand advertising - Build Recall

Apart from targetting relevant audience you can also build brand for your clinic at healcon. Larger chain of clinics who have multi-city presence generally opt for this solution so that they are able to create a brand and build recall among patients .

You can tell us your exact requirements and we can provide solutions to help bhuild your brand .

How it works ?

Tell us your requirements and we can help create tailormade branding or patient targetting strategy for you which would work for your clinic and patients as well .

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