Accept Appointments Booked Online

Allow patients in your city to book appointments for a physical visit at your clinic.

You can accept of reject appointments based on your availability.

Signup and provide your clinic timings

Enable online appointment booking by providing your clinic timings

You can provide your clinic timings and days on which your clinic is open. This information is used to display appointment widget on your clinic profile page. Based on this patients are able to request for appointments at your clinic.

You can control if you want to enable appointment booking at your clinic or not and accordingly appointment widget is shown on your clinic page. Also based on this information healcon decides to show or hide your clinic in doctor search for online appointment booking.

Your clinic profile page displays available slots to patients

Your clinic timings and availability are shown on the clinic profile page in the form of widget to help patients understand available slot for which they can request appointment at your clinic.

Accept / Reject based on your availability

Incase requested doctor is not available to consult patient at requested slot then you can always choose to reject appointment. This ensures that only patients who can be attended visit your clinic .

With this control your online appointments can easily be managed for seamless patient experience.

Patients search for clinics based on speciality, location, availability and cost of consulation/treatment

Based on your availability for a particular slot for scheduling appointment we surface clinics who match this criteria . This ensures patients dont have to unnecessarily wait during physical visit are well attended .

Millions of patients discover clinics in their locality using healcon

Let patients book appointments with your clinic online

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