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hello , i am having frequent hair fall and my hair circumference is reducing and getting thin . so i need to consult a physician , prescribing me androanagen tabs. i am suffering from hypothyroism . i am taking 75 mg of thyronorm daily empty stomach. what would you suggest me?

Hi, Hair fall can have multiple causes out of which alopecia,patterned baldness,androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata,stress are among common causes. It seems that you have patterned baldness(seen commonly in males),now you can be prescribed with androanagen tablet once daily along with amexidil spray for about 4-6 months at least (but only after prescription by a dermatologist as it can have serious side effects). I can't prescribe any one without examination,and if you have some dandruff you ...

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I have excess hair fall and dandruff, I applied Ayurvedic oil but still no results, I do not want to loose hair, please help.......

Hair problems like fall greying itching dandruff are due to number of reasons including nutrition metabolic harmonal infections psychological huygenic etc .u Need proper diet medicine hair suppliment oils and shampoo all these and not only one of this to correct this problem. I have very good medicines for ur problem. no side effects. for more information call or what's app me on this number ;nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. . ...

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I have a very itchy scalp and facing a lot of hair fall problem.. I don't know wat this is.. :( my hair has thinned too much and I am worried I will lose them too.. :( please help me.. I can give u a picture of what I get when I comb my hair..

Hi, Since you have had sinus operation then there are more chances of you being allergic,so if you are then try to avoid such drugs and shampoos and we would give ani allergic drugs and some hair nourishing drugs might also be given. ...

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Hiee m shinee my skin is brown n ive got a lot of tan on it.. I don't wanna go for products out.. I just wanna have a doctors suggestion .. can u plz tell me what can I use to make my skin fair .. n I really wanna grow my hair.. n I have a lot if hair fall.. pls suggest me what to use?

Hello, Using a good sunscreen is the first step towards removing a tan. Use an SPF 30 or higher or UVA +++ or higher rated sunscreen (e.g Rivela SPF 50, Melagard SPF 50). Remember to use the sunscreen 2-3 times a day even if you are not going out. In addition see a Dermatologist for getting Chemical Peeling done. It takes 4-6 sessions but this can really help skin pigment reduction. Vitamin C creams are about the only safe over the counter creams for reducing skin color, all the rest require a ...

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Dear Sir / Mam....Help me please to solve my problem of hair attraction. Here I am want to tell you real and interesting story of my attraction of girls hair. Its happened with me in past. I am hair fetish. It starts when I was 14 years old. A girl about 20 years old was leaving near to my house. She has long and beautiful hair. Her hair length is up to her waist and her hair so smooth and silky. Whenever I saw her hair, I attracted to her beautiful hair and suddenly my penis is become tight. One day I went to her home for some work, at that time she was making her ponytail, my god it’s nice to see her making ponytail, when I saw suddenly my penis tight, then after finishing her ponytail she goes to another room then I just saw her hair in her hair brush then I catch all hair in hair brush and came back to my home with that bunch of hair. I make round shape of that bunch of hair, because they going here and there. Then I so excited that I got bunch of her hair. 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Now I came back to my home here there is no one beauty parlor so now I am doing hair masturbation on facebook videos, photos and imaginary videos and photos. A girls which is leaving near to my house is getting married and now is not here so now I don’t have BOH (Bunch of Hair), Hair pieces. I have options for hair masturbation is facebook hair videos and photos also imaginary hair videos and photos. I can't control my sex emotions about hair....please understand me...When I saw beautiful and long hair photos and videos then suddenly my penis tight and want masturbates on that photo and videos ..please understand ..I can't control of Can I control this me ...please......

At. Calling & Whats app no- ********** *Visit us / Just walk in, No consultation fee for you FOR FREE CONSULTATION & Checkup: *101 years Price of Gold Quality Treatment – Rs 12,********** Days Medicine) Best quality total solution customized package treatments also available. Sexologist Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana Clinic Shafakhana, EAST PATEL NAGAR, 1/14, (Opposite Metro Pillar No-173), Main Road, Ground Floor, New Delhi-110008, India. Timings : Mon to Sat : 10.30 am to 6.30 ...

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More mestrobation cause of hair fall ..? Last year I do more mestrobation abt 3 or 4 time a day ...and my hair loss so much

dear Suraj masturbating 3or 4 times a day is definitely not good , this will cause hormonal imbalance due to which you will notice thinning of hair and baldness, change your life style,dont watch toomuch erotic videos or pictures,avoid excess intake of dairy products ,drink 2litrs of water aday ,take fresh fruits, dry fruits, vegetables to enable your body to flush out toxins .this will surely help you a lot ...

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Hii... I am 19 old have a problem of hair fall day by day my hair is falling more want a urgent help...

You can start hair treatment depending on quality of your hair. Do your cbc & TSH report and with report visit doctor. Also life style and diet is important aspect to be taken care for hair *********@*****.com Visit www.**url** ...

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Doc, I have done permanent hair straighting, but it is not looking good on me. I wish to have my hair regrowth again and soon. I am using vatajatadi tel for hair regrowth. Can u help me to suggest hairoil with maximum hair regrowth.

U need special ayurvedic medicines + hair suppliment + oils etc. I need ur detailed history investigation and previous medications details. I have very good medicines for ur problem. no side effects. for more information call or what's app me on this number,: nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...

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