Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla
  Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Laser & Skin

Savitri Nivas Bcs Road Khalini , khalini
Shimla , India

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About Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla is located in Shimla, India. Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla is specialized in Laser & Skin.
         Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla offers various treatments like Advance, Advance hair remove, Advance miconeedling, Advance patch service, Advance prp, Anti age serum, Beard line hair removal, Beard line hair remove, Biatin medicine, Body oil, Booking ammount, Botox advance, Burn scar treatment, Burn scras, C serum, Chin hair removal, Chin hair remove, Day cream, Day cream spray, Extra, Face brightning, Face cream, Face treatment, Face wash, Female hair patch, Filler advance, Freakles, Freckles, Full face hair removal, Gfc, Haie cleanser, Hair extantion, Hair extention pakage, Hair grow tablet, Hair oil, Hair patch, Hair patch advance, Hair patch advance service, Hair removal, Hair remove, Hair remove pakage, Hair remove session, Hair removl pakeg, Hair service, Half arms hair removal, Half chin hair remove, Half face hair removal, Half face hair remove, Hayedra facial, Hollywood facial, Hydra facial basic, Hydrafacial advance, Hydrafacial pekage, Hyper pigmantation, Injection, Licoderma, Microbleading, Microneedling, Mole, Night cream, Nose filler, Open porces, Ozon, Ozone, Patch, Patch advance, Patch clip change, Patch service, Patch setting, Patch sevice, Payment recieved, Peel, Pigmentaion, Pigmentation, Pigmentation session, Pigmentation advance, Processing fee, Prp, Prp session, Scar, Scar remove, Service, Session, Shampoo, Shine peel, Side logs, Sitting, Skin lightning, Spf, Sunscream, SURGICAL TATTOO REMOVAL, Tape change, Tatto remove sitting, Tatto session, Tattoo, Tattoo removal, Under aram hr, Under arms HR, Uneventone, Vik hr, Vit e serum, Vitamin c serum, Vitemin e oil, White hair remove, WHITE PATCH, White patch advance, WHITE PATCHES and Yellow peel. Dr. Deep yadav (specialized in Dermatosurgeon) is associated with this clinic.

Doctors at Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Dr. Deep yadav

  • Dermato Surgeon
  •   India
  •  100 Doc Points

Treatments at Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Treatment Cost in INR
Advance 2000.00
Advance hair remove 2500.00
Advance miconeedling 10000.00
Advance patch service 500.00
Advance prp 4000.00
Anti age serum 2500.00
Beard line hair removal 2000.00
Beard line hair remove 1500.00
Biatin medicine 1100.00
Body oil 1400.00
Booking ammount 500.00
Botox advance 2500.00
Burn scar treatment 10000.00
Burn scras 4000.00
C serum 1800.00
Chin hair removal 2000.00
Chin hair remove 5000.00
Day cream 400.00
Day cream spray 1500.00
Extra 0.00
Face brightning 2500.00
Face cream 1700.00
Face treatment 2500.00
Face wash 700.00
Female hair patch 25000.00
Filler advance 10000.00
Freakles 6000.00
Freckles 4000.00
Full face hair removal 3000.00
Gfc 12000.00
Haie cleanser 695.00
Hair extantion 11000.00
Hair extention pakage 20000.00
Hair grow tablet 185.00
Hair oil 799.00
Hair patch 18000.00
Hair patch advance 18000.00
Hair patch advance service 4000.00
Hair removal 4500.00
Hair remove 1000.00
Hair remove pakage 10000.00
Hair remove session 5000.00
Hair removl pakeg 5000.00
Hair service 806.00
Half arms hair removal 3500.00
Half chin hair remove 1500.00
Half face hair removal 2500.00
Half face hair remove 1000.00
Hayedra facial 3000.00
Hollywood facial 3000.00
Hydra facial basic 2500.00
Hydrafacial advance 4000.00
Hydrafacial pekage 8000.00
Hyper pigmantation 3000.00
Injection 2500.00
Licoderma 10000.00
Microbleading 3000.00
Microneedling 3500.00
Mole 1500.00
Night cream 1800.00
Nose filler 23000.00
Open porces 3000.00
Ozon 2000.00
Ozone 2500.00
Patch 12000.00
Patch advance 20000.00
Patch clip change 300.00
Patch service 600.00
Patch setting 200.00
Patch sevice 1000.00
Payment recieved 2000.00
Peel 3000.00
Pigmentaion 5000.00
Pigmentation 3500.00
Pigmentation session 6000.00
Pigmentation advance 2000.00
Processing fee 1652.00
Prp 2500.00
Prp session 3500.00
Scar 3000.00
Scar remove 2500.00
Service 700.00
Session 0.00
Shampoo 750.00
Shine peel 3000.00
Side logs 500.00
Sitting 0.00
Skin lightning 2500.00
Spf 1500.00
Sunscream 1900.00
Tape change 100.00
Tatto remove sitting 2000.00
Tatto session 1500.00
Tattoo 5000.00
Tattoo removal 3500.00
Under aram hr 3000.00
Under arms HR 1500.00
Uneventone 3000.00
Vik hr 6000.00
Vit e serum 1400.00
Vitamin c serum 2000.00
Vitemin e oil 1400.00
White hair remove 2000.00
White patch advance 5000.00
Yellow peel 2500.00

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