Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla
  Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Laser & Skin

Savitri Nivas Bcs Road Khalini , khalini
Shimla , India

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About Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla is located in Shimla, India. Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla is specialized in Laser & Skin.
         Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla offers various treatments like 1800, 8000, Acne face wash, Acne facewash, Acne peel, Acne scar, Acne scar pkg, Acne scar session, Acne scar session done, Acne scar trearment, Acne session, Acne treartment, Acne treatment, ADV HYEDRA BOOKING, Adv hyedra done, Adv hyedra pkg, Advance, Advance hair remove, Advance hyedra pkg, Advance miconeedling, Advance patch booking, Advance patch service, Advance prp, Advance prp pkg, Advance toning laser facial, Allopecia treatment, Allopicia, Alopecia, Alopecia pkg, Ams glaicopeel session done, Anti age serum, Anti aging serum, ANTIBIOTIC, Arms and front back hair removal, Arms and underarm session, Arms hr, Back hr, Basic hydra, Basic hyedra, Basic hyedra book, Basic mirage patch, Beard line hair removal, Beard line hair remove, BEARD LINE HR PACKAGE, Beard prp, Beard prp session done, Biatin medicine, Bikni hr session done, Biotean, BIOTEAN SHAMPOO, Biotean tablate, Bioteen, Bioteen tablate, Bioteen teblate, Bioten, Biotin medicine, Birth mark emi payment, Birth mark peeling session done, Birth mark session done, Blamish tab., Blamish tablate, Body lotion, Body oil, Booking ammount, BOTOX, Botox advance, Botox advance boking, Botox and filler, BOTOX BOOKING, BOTOX BOOKING PANDING PAYMENT, Botox filler panding payment, Botox panding payment, Botox session done, Brightening, BRIGHTNING, Burn scar, Burn scar session done, Burn scar treatment, Burn scras, C serum, Carbon, Carbon hr session done, Carbon facial, Carbon faical, Carbon hydra session done, Carbon laser, Carbon mnrf done, Carbon ojon, Carbon peel, Carbon pkg, Carbon session, Chemichel wash, CHEMICHLE WASH, Chemicle wash, Chest hr booking, Chin hair removal, Chin hair remove, Chin hr pkg, Chin hr seesion done, Chin white hair removal, Cloure, COCO E MOISTERISER, Coloure, Colure, Counsulation, D tan, Dark circle session, Day cream, Day cream spray, Deep sir cash, Densita mf, Double chin session done, Dr.consultation, E moisteriser, E moisterisure, Ear beard maintenance hr session done, Ear hr, EMI FEE, Emi fees, Emi pending payment, Extentaion service, Extentation service, Extra, Eye carbon session done, Eye filler, Eye scar removal, Eyebrow remove session done, Face ance scar session, Face brightning, Face brithning, Face carbon laser session done, Face cream, Face filler, FACE GFC, Face gfc done, Face gfc hr session done, Face gfc session, FACE GFC SESSION DONE, Face hair reduction, Face hair remoul, Face hair removal, Face hair removal session, Face hr, Face hr done hydra done, FACE HR AND FACE CARBON, FACE HR AND UNDERARM HR, Face hr carbon done, Face hr chest session done, Face hr face pigmenation session done, Face hr gfc session done, Face hr gfc sesssion done, Face hr hydra done, Face hr hyedra, Face hr panding payment, Face hr photofaical, Face hr pkg, Face hr session done, Face hr session done gfc face done, Face hr session hydra done, Face maintenance hr, Face microneedling, Face peel 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patch session done, Full body hr, Full body hr booking, Full body hr done, Full body hr pkg, Full body hr session, Full body maintains hr, Full body patch hr session done, Full body session, FULL body session done, Full face hair removal, FULL FACE HR, Fullface hr, Gfc, Gfc and filler, Gfc booking done, Gfc face, Gfc sesion, Gfc session, Gfc session done, Gfc sitting, Glaicopeel, Glue, GLUE ON PATCH, Glutathion, Glutathione tablet booking, Glutathionecarbon, Gule, H r pkg, H r session, H.r pkg, Haie cleanser, Hair extantion, Hair extentaion service, Hair extention, Hair extention pakage, Hair GFC session done, Hair grow tablet, Hair loss oil, Hair oil, Hair oil for dandruf, Hair oil for dandruff, Hair ojon session done, Hair patch, Hair patch advance, Hair patch advance service, HAIR PRP, Hair Prp .and ozon, Hair prp face session done, Hair prp pkg, Hair prp session, HAIR PRP SESSION DONE, Hair reduction, Hair remoul, Hair removal, Hair removal and hyedra, Hair removal pkg, Hair removaL SESSION, Hair removal sesssion, Hair remove, Hair remove pakage, Hair remove pakege, Hair remove session, Hair removelsession, Hair removl pakeg, Hair service, Hair thread booking, Hair wig, Half arms hair removal, Half chin hair remove, Half face hair removal, Half face hair remove, Half face hr, Half face Hr session done, Haydra facial booking, Hayedra, Hayedra facial, Head wash, Hip line hr, Hollywood facial, Hr, Hr chin upper lips, Hr ams and back face carbon session done, Hr Ams chest back seesion done, Hr ams session done, Hr ams vk session done, Hr back, Hr bikny done, Hr bikny session done, Hr booking, Hr booking maintenance, Hr brightning, Hr chest ams back session done, Hr chin upper lip, Hr done, Hr ear, Hr face, HR FACE BIKNI LEGS MAINTENANCE SESSION DONE, Hr face gfc session done, Hr face photofaical done, Hr face prp session done, Hr face tatto remoul done, Hr face underarms legs session done, Hr face upper lips bikni session done, Hr forehead session done, HR FULL BODY, Hr full body booking, Hr full body hydra session done, Hr legs arm and underarm, Hr legs arms underams, Hr legs arms underams booking, Hr legs hydra done, Hr legs session done, Hr maintenus, Hr maintenus pkg, Hr new patch, Hr package, Hr pigment, Hr pkg, Hr PKG payment, Hr session, Hr session done, Hr sessoin, HR SETTING, Hr underams done, Hr upper body session done, Hr vik underams upper lips, Hr.session pending payment, Hydra, Hydra booking, Hydra done new gfc done, Hydra facail session done, Hydra facial, Hydra facial basic, Hydra facial done, Hydra session, Hydra session done new gfc done, Hydrafacail, Hydrafacial advance, Hydrafacial pekage, Hydrafaicl, Hyedra, Hyedra advance, Hyedra booking, Hyedra facial, Hyedra pending, HYEDRA PKG, Hyedrafacial, Hyedrafacialbooking, Hyper pigmantation, Injection, Isoex Capsules, Joti, Laser, Laser brightening, LASER RF SESSION DONE, Laser session, LEGS AND ARM HR, Legs arms hr session done, Legs hair removal, Legs hr, Leser session, 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pkg, New underams hr done, Nidglow, Nidglow fort, Nidglowfort, Nidglowforte panding payment, NIGHT CREAM, Nose filler, Nose microneedling, Nose pigmentation, Offer facial booking, Oil, Oil for dandruf, Oil hair fall, Ojon mnrf laser session done, Open porces, OZON, Ozone, Ozone session done, Patch, Patch advance, Patch booking, Patch change, Patch cleeping, Patch clip change, Patch coloure, Patch cutting, Patch insulation fees, Patch payment, Patch pending payment, Patch replacement done, Patch satting done, Patch service, Patch service 200, Patch service 900, Patch service done, Patch service panding payment, Patch service pkg, Patch setting, Patch sevice, Patch taping, PATCH WASH, Patch weaving, Payment recieved, Peel, Peel pkg, Peel sessio, Peel session, Photo facail hifu done, Photo facial, Photo facial session done, Photofacial, Pigmenation, Pigmentaation, Pigmentaion, Pigmentatio, Pigmentatio pkg, Pigmentation, Pigmentation session, Pigmentation advance, Pigmentation day cream, 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done. Dr. Deep yadav (specialized in Dermatosurgeon) is associated with this clinic.

Doctors at Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Dr. Deep yadav

  • Dermato Surgeon
  •   India
  •  100 Doc Points

Treatments at Renew You Skin and Hair Care Shimla

Treatment Cost in INR
1800 1800.00
8000 0.00
Acne face wash 895.00
Acne facewash 895.00
Acne peel 3500.00
Acne scar 3000.00
Acne scar pkg 15000.00
Acne scar session 4000.00
Acne scar session done 0.00
Acne scar trearment 10000.00
Acne session 3500.00
Acne treartment 4000.00
Acne treatment 3000.00
Adv hyedra done 0.00
Adv hyedra pkg 7000.00
Advance 2000.00
Advance hair remove 2500.00
Advance hyedra pkg 10000.00
Advance miconeedling 10000.00
Advance patch booking 20000.00
Advance patch service 500.00
Advance prp 9000.00
Advance prp pkg 21000.00
Advance toning laser facial 5000.00
Allopecia treatment 3000.00
Allopicia 2000.00
Alopecia 3000.00
Alopecia pkg 5000.00
Ams glaicopeel session done 0.00
Anti age serum 2500.00
Anti aging serum 2500.00
Arms and front back hair removal 4999.00
Arms and underarm session 3500.00
Arms hr 3500.00
Back hr 2000.00
Basic hydra 2500.00
Basic hyedra 3000.00
Basic hyedra book 1000.00
Basic mirage patch 23000.00
Beard line hair removal 2000.00
Beard line hair remove 1500.00
Beard prp 2500.00
Beard prp session done 0.00
Biatin medicine 1100.00
Bikni hr session done 0.00
Biotean 1480.00
Biotean tablate 1110.00
Bioteen 3000.00
Bioteen tablate 700.00
Bioteen teblate 410.00
Bioten 430.00
Biotin medicine 555.00
Birth mark emi payment 27394.00
Birth mark peeling session done 3889.00
Birth mark session done 0.00
Blamish tab. 0.00
Blamish tablate 1495.00
Body lotion 700.00
Body oil 1400.00
Booking ammount 500.00
BOTOX 15000.00
Botox advance 2500.00
Botox advance boking 3000.00
Botox and filler 23500.00
Botox filler panding payment 0.00
Botox panding payment 0.00
Botox session done 0.00
Brightening 16000.00
Burn scar 11000.00
Burn scar session done 0.00
Burn scar treatment 10000.00
Burn scras 4000.00
C serum 1600.00
Carbon 2500.00
Carbon hr session done 0.00
Carbon facial 4000.00
Carbon faical 0.00
Carbon hydra session done 0.00
Carbon laser 1500.00
Carbon mnrf done 0.00
Carbon ojon 0.00
Carbon peel 1250.00
Carbon pkg 5000.00
Carbon session 4000.00
Chemichel wash 500.00
Chemicle wash 500.00
Chest hr booking 5000.00
Chin hair removal 2000.00
Chin hair remove 1200.00
Chin hr pkg 12500.00
Chin hr seesion done 0.00
Chin white hair removal 0.00
Cloure 200.00
Coloure 200.00
Colure 200.00
Counsulation 300.00
D tan 500.00
Dark circle session 9000.00
Day cream 0.00
Day cream spray 1500.00
Deep sir cash 0.00
Densita mf 969.00
Double chin session done 16560.00
Dr.consultation 300.00
E moisteriser 600.00
E moisterisure 600.00
Ear beard maintenance hr session done 1000.00
Ear hr 2000.00
EMI FEE 1567.00
Emi fees 4778.00
Emi pending payment 3440.00
Extentaion service 2000.00
Extentation service 1500.00
Extra 0.00
Eye carbon session done 0.00
Eye filler 20000.00
Eye scar removal 4999.00
Eyebrow remove session done 0.00
Face ance scar session 0.00
Face brightning 3000.00
Face brithning 5000.00
Face carbon laser session done 0.00
Face cream 1700.00
Face filler 60000.00
Face gfc done 0.00
Face gfc hr session done 0.00
Face gfc session 0.00
Face hair reduction 5000.00
Face hair remoul 0.00
Face hair removal 2500.00
Face hair removal session 5000.00
Face hr 5000.00
Face hr done hydra done 0.00
Face hr carbon done 0.00
Face hr chest session done 0.00
Face hr face pigmenation session done 0.00
Face hr gfc session done 0.00
Face hr gfc sesssion done 0.00
Face hr hydra done 0.00
Face hr hyedra 0.00
Face hr panding payment 0.00
Face hr photofaical 0.00
Face hr pkg 5000.00
Face hr session done 0.00
Face hr session done gfc face done 0.00
Face hr session hydra done 0.00
Face maintenance hr 1000.00
Face microneedling 0.00
Face peel session 0.00
Face pigmention session done 0.00
Face prp 15000.00
Face prp done .face mnrf sesson done 0.00
Face Rf laser done 0.00
Face scar session face hr session done 0.00
FACE SCARS 12000.00
Face session done 0.00
Face session done Ance 0.00
Face session done mole pen 0.00
Face thread session done 0.00
Face treatment 2500.00
Face Uneven tone treatment 3500.00
Face wash 895.00
Face yellow peel session 0.00
Facials 6000.00
Female hair patch 25000.00
Fileer booking 0.00
Filler 35000.00
Filler thared face 0.00
Filler advance 10000.00
Filler booking 0.00
Filler Naisolabial fold 0.00
Filler pending payment 10000.00
Filler session 0.00
Filler tuchap 0.00
For head scar 2000.00
Forehead Botox 20000.00
Forehead crowfeet botox done 20000.00
Forehead scar 0.00
Forhad HR session 0.00
Forhead hr session done 0.00
Frackels seession done 0.00
Frackles session done 0.00
Frakels 0.00
Freakels 3000.00
Freakels session 3000.00
Freakels treatmrnt 4000.00
Freakles 6000.00
Freakles removal 0.00
Freakles session 6000.00
Freckles 4000.00
Freekales session done 0.00
Front hair vig patch 3500.00
Full body glutathione session done 5500.00
Full body hair reduction 0.00
Full body hair reduction patch session done 3000.00
Full body hr 10000.00
Full body hr booking 5000.00
Full body hr done 10000.00
Full body hr pkg 25000.00
Full body hr session 33000.00
Full body maintains hr 2000.00
Full body patch hr session done 2500.00
Full body session 0.00
FULL body session done 0.00
Full face hair removal 3000.00
FULL FACE HR 3500.00
Fullface hr 4000.00
Gfc 4000.00
Gfc and filler 0.00
Gfc booking done 0.00
Gfc face 4000.00
Gfc sesion 10000.00
Gfc session 6500.00
Gfc session done 0.00
Gfc sitting 5500.00
Glaicopeel 0.00
Glue 200.00
Glutathion 1800.00
Glutathione tablet booking 0.00
Glutathionecarbon 8000.00
Gule 0.00
H r pkg 20000.00
H r session 1500.00
H.r pkg 7500.00
Haie cleanser 695.00
Hair extantion 11000.00
Hair extentaion service 0.00
Hair extention 0.00
Hair extention pakage 20000.00
Hair GFC session done 5000.00
Hair grow tablet 185.00
Hair loss oil 799.00
Hair oil 799.00
Hair oil for dandruf 0.00
Hair oil for dandruff 599.00
Hair ojon session done 0.00
Hair patch 15000.00
Hair patch advance 18000.00
Hair patch advance service 4000.00
Hair Prp .and ozon 0.00
Hair prp face session done 0.00
Hair prp pkg 9400.00
Hair prp session 0.00
Hair reduction 16000.00
Hair remoul 5000.00
Hair removal 10000.00
Hair removal and hyedra 9500.00
Hair removal pkg 10000.00
Hair removaL SESSION 3000.00
Hair removal sesssion 3500.00
Hair remove 3000.00
Hair remove pakage 10000.00
Hair remove pakege 20000.00
Hair remove session 22000.00
Hair removelsession 5000.00
Hair removl pakeg 5000.00
Hair service 806.00
Hair thread booking 5000.00
Hair wig 3500.00
Half arms hair removal 3500.00
Half chin hair remove 1500.00
Half face hair removal 2500.00
Half face hair remove 1000.00
Half face hr 2000.00
Half face Hr session done 0.00
Haydra facial booking 1500.00
Hayedra 1500.00
Hayedra facial 3000.00
Head wash 200.00
Hip line hr 2000.00
Hollywood facial 3000.00
Hr 1500.00
Hr chin upper lips 0.00
Hr ams and back face carbon session done 0.00
Hr Ams chest back seesion done 0.00
Hr ams session done 0.00
Hr ams vk session done 0.00
Hr back 2000.00
Hr bikny done 0.00
Hr bikny session done 0.00
Hr booking 5000.00
Hr booking maintenance 0.00
Hr brightning 17500.00
Hr chest ams back session done 0.00
Hr chin upper lip 0.00
Hr done 0.00
Hr ear 0.00
Hr face 0.00
Hr face gfc session done 0.00
Hr face photofaical done 0.00
Hr face prp session done 0.00
Hr face tatto remoul done 0.00
Hr face underarms legs session done 0.00
Hr face upper lips bikni session done 0.00
Hr forehead session done 0.00
HR FULL BODY 8500.00
Hr full body booking 0.00
Hr full body hydra session done 0.00
Hr legs arm and underarm 0.00
Hr legs arms underams 0.00
Hr legs arms underams booking 0.00
Hr legs hydra done 0.00
Hr legs session done 0.00
Hr maintenus 7000.00
Hr maintenus pkg 5000.00
Hr new patch 0.00
Hr package 10000.00
Hr pigment 3000.00
Hr pkg 10000.00
Hr PKG payment 7000.00
Hr session 1500.00
Hr session done 0.00
Hr sessoin 0.00
HR SETTING 1000.00
Hr underams done 0.00
Hr upper body session done 0.00
Hr vik underams upper lips Not Provided
Hr.session pending payment 2500.00
Hydra 2500.00
Hydra booking 0.00
Hydra done new gfc done 0.00
Hydra facail session done 0.00
Hydra facial 2000.00
Hydra facial basic 2500.00
Hydra facial done 0.00
Hydra session 3000.00
Hydra session done new gfc done 0.00
Hydrafacail 0.00
Hydrafacial advance 4000.00
Hydrafacial pekage 8000.00
Hydrafaicl 0.00
Hyedra 8500.00
Hyedra advance 6500.00
Hyedra booking 5000.00
Hyedra facial 12000.00
Hyedra pending 1000.00
HYEDRA PKG 7500.00
Hyedrafacial 2000.00
Hyedrafacialbooking 5000.00
Hyper pigmantation 3000.00
Injection 2500.00
Isoex Capsules 0.00
Joti 0.00
Laser 2000.00
Laser brightening 500.00
Laser session 1000.00
Legs arms hr session done 0.00
Legs hair removal 6000.00
Legs hr 4000.00
Leser session 1000.00
Licoderma 10000.00
Lip filler 8000.00
Lip lightining 2000.00
Maintance hr 1500.00
Maintenance arms underarms 1000.00
Maintenance face hr 500.00
Maintenance face Hr session done 1000.00
Maintenance hr panding payment 500.00
Maintenas hr 3000.00
Maintens pkg 10000.00
Maintenus hr 1500.00
Medi derma FACIAL session done 5500.00
Medicine panding payment 400.00
Micro needling 0.00
Microblading 0.00
Microblading advance 3000.00
Microblading booking 0.00
Microblading removal 2000.00
Microblading session done 0.00
Microblading touchup done 0.00
Microbleading 3000.00
Microbleading advance 7500.00
Microneedling 0.00
Microneedling pkg 16000.00
Microneedling sitting 3500.00
Minioxidil 325.00
Minoxdil 0.00
Minoxidil 969.00
Mizotox session done 0.00
MNR seessoin done 0.00
Mnrf 3500.00
Mnrf pkg 12000.00
Mnrf session 0.00
MNRF session done 0.00
Mole 1500.00
Mole remoul gfc panding payment 0.00
Mole removal 500.00
Mole remove 1500.00
Neck hand gfc session done 4000.00
New consultation 300.00
NEW face hr session done 0.00
New face prp booking 15000.00
New filler nasolabial fold 20000.00
New full body hr pkg 30000.00
New gfc session 0.00
New hair patch 18000.00
New package Bikni hr 23000.00
New patch 15000.00
New patch payment 7000.00
New pkg face mnrf 14000.00
New prp booking 0.00
New prp pkg 13000.00
New underams hr done 0.00
Nidglow 2040.00
Nidglow fort 3300.00
Nidglowfort 1650.00
Nidglowforte panding payment 0.00
Nose filler 23000.00
Nose microneedling 1000.00
Nose pigmentation 2500.00
Offer facial booking 3000.00
Oil 0.00
Oil for dandruf 799.00
Oil hair fall 799.00
Ojon mnrf laser session done 0.00
Open porces 3000.00
OZON 0.00
Ozone 2500.00
Ozone session done 10500.00
Patch 20000.00
Patch advance 1000.00
Patch booking 1000.00
Patch change 2000.00
Patch cleeping 200.00
Patch clip change 300.00
Patch coloure 0.00
Patch cutting 200.00
Patch insulation fees 2500.00
Patch payment 5000.00
Patch pending payment 8000.00
Patch replacement done 0.00
Patch satting done 0.00
Patch service 1200.00
Patch service 200 0.00
Patch service 900 0.00
Patch service done 0.00
Patch service panding payment 0.00
Patch service pkg 2000.00
Patch setting 100.00
Patch sevice 1000.00
Patch taping 500.00
Patch weaving 0.00
Payment recieved 2000.00
Peel 0.00
Peel pkg 5000.00
Peel sessio 10000.00
Peel session 5000.00
Photo facail hifu done 0.00
Photo facial 3500.00
Photo facial session done 0.00
Photofacial 5000.00
Pigmenation 0.00
Pigmentaation 10500.00
Pigmentaion 5000.00
Pigmentatio 0.00
Pigmentatio pkg 11000.00
Pigmentation 0.00
Pigmentation session 6000.00
Pigmentation advance 2000.00
Pigmentation day cream 1500.00
Pigmentation hr 15000.00
Pigmentation pkg 10000.00
Pigmentation pkg payment 5000.00
Pigmentation sesssion 13000.00
Pkg hr 6000.00
Pkg payment 0.00
Pollogen facial 8000.00
Preserve night cream 0.00
Processing fee 1652.00
Pronexa m 1170.00
Prp 0.00
Prp booking 800.00
Prp pkg 2000.00
Prp sessio 8000.00
Prp session 15000.00
Prsnal treatment done 0.00
Regenrative night cream 3500.00
Savein payment 3000.00
Scaar session 5000.00
Scalp black pigment session done 0.00
Scar 0.00
Scar cream 0.00
Scar removal session 2000.00
Scar remove 2500.00
Selfharm cut ams 0.00
Service 700.00
Service booking 2000.00
Service patch 700.00
Session 0.00
Shampoo 750.00
Shine peel 5000.00
Side lock hr pkg 4500.00
Side locks botox done 19000.00
Side logs 500.00
Sitting 0.00
Skaar try sm 500.00
Skin lightning 2500.00
Spf 1500.00
Spf 50 1200.00
Streach mark treatment 8000.00
Streach marks session 8000.00
Sunscream 1900.00
Sunscreen 1900.00
Tamicort injection 1200.00
Tap change 200.00
Tape 300.00
Tape change 100.00
Tatto remoul 0.00
Tatto remoul done 0.00
Tatto remoul mole pen 0.00
Tatto remoul session done MNRF 0.00
Tatto removal 0.00
Tatto removal session 6500.00
Tatto remove sitting 2000.00
Tatto removL 1500.00
Tatto session 4500.00
Tatto session done 0.00
Tattoo 5000.00
Tattoo removal 3500.00
Tattoo remove 400.00
Temicort injection 1200.00
Thread 4800.00
Thread done 4500.00
Thread panding payment 5000.00
Transplant done 11000.00
Under aram hr 3000.00
Under arm brightning 0.00
Under arm 5000.00
Under arms brightning 12500.00
Under arms HR 1500.00
Underaarm brightning 0.00
Underarm and uperlip hr 3500.00
Underarm brghtning 12000.00
Underarm hr 2000.00
Underarm hr session done 0.00
Underarms brightning session done 0.00
Underarms hr session done 0.00
Unevantone 5000.00
Uneventone 3000.00
Uper lip hr 1000.00
Upper lip hr 4000.00
Upper lip hr session 1000.00
Upper lip hr session done 2000.00
Upper lips hr session done 500.00
Vegina filer 90000.00
Vik hr 6000.00
Vit e serum 1400.00
Vitamin c face wash 699.00
Vitamin c serum 2499.00
Vitamin e moisteriser 600.00
Vitamin oil 1400.00
Vitemin e oil 1400.00
White hair booking 0.00
White hair removal 5000.00
White hair remove 2000.00
White hair session done 0.00
White hr 2500.00
White hr treatment 3000.00
White patch advance 5000.00
White patch session done 0.00
Yellow peel 2500.00
Yellow peel session 4000.00
Yellow pill session 0.00
Yellow pill session done 0.00

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