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How can man came out from his sexual weakness

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i ve sexual problem.

Contact Medisex Foundation, Bangalore. - Eight Four nine four nine three three eight eight eight. ...

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sexual weakness in erruction and maintaining erructiion?

Hi, As you know that our growth is controlled by human growth hormone and many more hormones which are present in the body,. If your HGH is not regulated properly then you can have smaller pains or you may suffer from sexual dysfunction. We have to first see the level of hormones then we can tell you whether we can increase it or not. But you need an harder penis for sexual intercourse and not lengthy one. Size does not matter but what matter is your hardness of penis and time of sexual in ...

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I am male 40 yrs at India . I had protected sex but unprotected insertive fellatio ( 2 mins ) from a call girl . On the 11th day and 17th day after exposure went for both DNA PCR test and P24 antigen test and all the 4 tests turned out to be negative. Please appraise me about my current status and shud I consider the results to be conclusive . Please let me know wether I shud go for any more tests . If yes , which test and at what time frame . I somehow managed to avoid any sexual contacts with my wife. Looking forward to your kind reply and I am under lot of stress and guilt

Hi, That is true that it gives a conclusive result as told by the company,however since i have not seen many results by myself so i am not very confident since the test is not very old. You may get your test repeated now,just to get it confirmed and you may visit an internal medicine specialist and if you are so anxious you may also have hiv prophylaxis (if the doctor md medicine thinks it right for you). Don't worry as much as i have read about the test it is conclusive but since the test is ...

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i've been masturbating since 9 i feel some side effects that when i read anything in a book or in any screen my neck backside pains and my penis shrinks to a smaller size. i've seen in some tv programs that these are symptoms of over masturbation. Please tell me is it true? if i reduce masturbating can i get out of these problems?? i've seen in tv programs that if a person has like this problem in his body, he cannot do sexual intercourse with his partner. Is it real? i'm afraid of this.. help me..

Hi, Aclofenac-paracetamol is an anti inflamatory tablet which can reduce fever and pain in your body(it is a pain killer). No that pain should not be due to masturabtion,for permanent improval in pain you can get your self investigated like mri and various other investigations so that you can know the cause for it and treated accordingly. You can vist an orthopadecian and a neurologist for that. Cause might be stress related. ...

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Hi.. Im 24 yr old male. i have an habit of masturbation. i think in my school 8th class i did masturbation first time. After a year it became a habit for me. i’m very much ashamed of having this habit. After doing masturbation, I hate myself that I cant control it. I think to control doing next time, but finally again I do it. From that time to till now I cant stop this habit. So more or less I masturbate twice a week anyway and in rare cases thrice a week. Accidentally during my college time I watched some programs in tv saying that masturbation causes not able to do sexual intercourse with partner. It causes not able to give a baby after marriage. After seeing that type of programs I got very much afraid of my life. Before two years I did laser eye surgery. Before surgery they did all pre-test for me. Then they said that your nerves are weak so we need to do two more extra test. After that extra test doctor said that we can do the surgery there’s nothing problem regarding the nerve weakness. I Think may be its family gene problem having nerve weakness. Maybe your grandfather too could had nerve weakness in his life. And now after two years of eye surgery I didn’t face any problems. As doctor said my nerves are weak in my body from my small age.After masturbating all these days I feel my nerves got more weak than before. I don’t know whether it is due to masturbation.But nowadays after masturbation I get head pain back side sometimes and not everytime. Anyway I feel nerves are weak in my body.I’m afraid very much that I cant do sexual intercourse with my partner if I get married. I’m afraid that I cant make my wife pregnant after my marriage. Please help me can I make a baby with sexual intercourse after my marriage? Do I’ve to get any treatment regarding sexual or regarding my nerve weakness or do I’ve to check whether can I make a baby with good sexual intercourse??

Hi, Fatigue means thakaan or to get tired easily,the symptoms you described are not of nerve weakness.Rest other symptoms are very normal things which many people might face and it is difficult to comment may be there is some thing locally on your back which might be irritating you or may be some kind of allergy. If you really feel that way when you masturbate then get your self checked up to a nearest doctor and he might have to do investigation and various tests to confirm if everything is fi ...

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I am 25 year old.Mera penis kafi loose ho gaya hain aur bilkul bhi tight nahi ho raha jab main sex karta hu.main masterbation bhi kafi samay se kar raha hau aur sexual desire bhi bahut kam ho gaya hai. Kya main thik ho sakta hu?aur agar hai to ayurvedic thik hoga ya allopathic jiska koi side effect na ho.

Tume over Mastrubation ke sab complications hai. Aur erectil dysfunction ka bhi problem hai. Tume medicine counselling aur sex education ki jaroorat hai. Mere pas iski achhi ayurvedic treatment hai. koi side effects bhi nahi hai. jyada janakari ke liye call ya what's app is number pe kare : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. tthank u ...

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I am 28year old man from india. I would like to say that...I am married In 2009. I am having good sexual life but as per my wife demand she ask to have Long Penis to enjoy more sex. Please suggest me any pil or Tablet to have long penis.

Hi, Most of the oils available in the the market are ayurvedic oils which are not exactly effective but while applying them you do excercise of penis in jelqing fashion so that might be of help,i have not seen oils to work to much. Although there are some oils in the market like which contain nitric oxide also which help in dilation of blood vessels but can be given once your heart check up is fine which can be beneficicl but not in every one. You can visit a sexolohist or internal medicine spe ...

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