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Dear Sir, i am married & having 1 kid. i feel pain while having sex with out condom, since my penis foreskin is not going back. i have sex with condom, there is no pain also for me the sperm is coming out in 2 to 3 mins. i dont know whether it is because of pre-mature ejaculation due to phimosis?...

Hi, Pain during sex can have many causes and phimosis is one among those. But if you have phimosis then I think it is noticeable. You will notice a swelling while you are urinating at your prepuce,later on it might go on to become red and you may also have pus through your urinary meatus. Ppainful sex can also be due to - Peyronie's disease - Prostatitis - Urinary tract infection - Yeast infection - Dermatitis - Herpes - Psoriasis - Phimosis - Paraphimosis Since how long you are expe ...

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Since two days my foreskin got struck back exposing my glans during an intercourse try.This i am experiencing for the first time as usually it becomes normal after masturbating.It is very discomfort causing pain and irritation in contact with clothes.How to get it back in place? Is this normal and safe leaving it so because i am scared of rashes and infection or do i visit a doctor?

Hi, Yes the condition can get very serious and can be told only after examination and you just can't wait for so long,even if the hospital is far contact your freinds or family whom so ever might be there to help you. You have to rush to a hospital, in which ever state you are there are private as well as goverment run hospiatls. This condition cant be treated on phone or mail,this is serious. You have to see a genral surgeon(ms) ...

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I want to know whether circumcision is the only way to get my penis foreskin widened to have a comfortable sex?

Hi, It seems like you have a hard skin which is difficult to retract,some of the disadvantages to it that it is difficult to clean inside and maintain hygiene and secondly that there are reduced sensations during sex while you wear a condom.(if you are not troubled by the tight skin then you can manage without getting circumcision) Circumcision is the surgical method of choice and there are more surgical methods as well like dorsal slit and ventral slit and medical treatments like 1% betametha ...

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I may need Frenuloplasty done as my foreskin doesnot retract back when I'm erect. I want to what is the cost and what is the kind of doctor who would perform the procedure?

Hi, It will depend on what type of hospital like a corporate or may be a small hospital and whether you want to get your surgery under local anesthesia or genral anesthesia. But basic cost of surgery should range between 10-15 thousand in an average setup with genral anesthesia. If you go in corporate hospital,then the cost may go up. Did some one advice you this surgery or is it your own thought,because many other procedures are done which are easier to perform but it depends from patient to p ...

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hi, i am 25 years old. having phimosis problem. and skin of foreskin is also getting white. please suggest

Hi, Medical treatment is good enough for 70-80 percent of people and they work good,and if it does not work then yes there are surgical treatments which are absolutely normal and they basically don't have side effects but then it depends from person to person and they are fine for your future married life don't worry. ...

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Hi doctor while strecthing the foreskin of my penis it starts bleeding.wht should i do.plz revert it paining badly.

Hi, Kindly visit a hospital emergency,it is not possible to treat on internet for any emergency without examining you. You can hold it tight or apply ice to control bleeding for now. ...

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For a few months now, I am having difficulty during intercourse. Reason being which, the foreskin of my penis is not peeling back during unprotected sex. The tip of the fore skin is getting cut. A few months back, I remember my wife having the same issue in her privates which disappeared by itself. I have tried the "Candid" cream & used coconut oil. Still same issue. Can u help by prescribing some medication to get rid of this??

Hi, You can use betamethasone cream (topical steroid) local application cream over your skin surface and towards inner surface of penis of narrow part of foreskin for 4-6 weeks,then secondly stretching of the foreskin can be accomplished manually, with balloons or with other tools.A permanent increase in size occurs by gentle stretching over a period of time. If these steps don't work then usually cirumcision(surgical treatment is the treatment of choice). But first use the medical line of trea ...

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