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I have a growning Boil on my groin about an inch superior and slghltly left lateral of my penis. It is nearly the size. I was cleaing the area and dressing it and noticed my penis was swelling and getting redish. Should I head to the ER or go to a walk in clinic tomorrow?

Hi, Usually problems like this are not extremely urgent. They need to be addressed but they can wait for a day. You might take a pain killer if you have pain and then may visit to walk in clinic. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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Query about mastubration. I have started mastubrating from the age of 15 ,I still do. I can see veins on my penis are more n more coming outside(towards skin). What should be the normal penis size while it is size is 6" but the grith is less near about 1" Please suggest.

Hi, The size of penis when erect can can vary from 10-14 cm so that suggests that you have a normal length of penis. Veins under the skin are normal,unless you have any symptoms like ulceration,itching or any disfigurement over your penis. The age is fine when you started masturbating most people start it around the same age and continue with it till they are married and many people do it even after marriage to. ...

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Hi I am 19 years old me nd my bf nva had sex before bt today he inserted his penis tip in my vagina sm fluid was getting discharged from his penis he wiped it by his hand and after some time he inserted his finger in my vagina vit d same hand bt his finger was dry and der was no fluid or sperm on it can I get pregnant ???? I took d ipill nd I dint get ny of its side effects like vomiting abdominal pain etc is dis normal

Hi, Yes you can get pregnant by a very less amount of penile secretion also which many people don't even notice the secretions are so less.Even if penis is not fully inserted and only tip is there inside the vagina even then you can get pregnant and you did mention about some secretion coming out of penis which he cleaned in the end so you can't take a risk and it is good that you have taken an emergency contraceptive,i hope with in 72 hours. It is not necessary that if the drug had mentioned ...

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loose eraction of penis and penis length is 5.2 inch need sugession how to improve

Hi, You have a normal size of penis and i did not get what do you mean to say by loose erection,do you mean to say that the penis even after being erect, it remains flaccid and loose even when you are trying masturbate or have sex. Are you married ? Did your wife or girl friend mention something ? Do you think you have low libido or low sex drive ? ...

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I have 4 problems to discuss and which i need a detailed answer. 1. Wants to increase the girth and length of penis by 1 inch. 2. Without erection, while my partner is shaking the penis, ejaculation happens. 3.When the penis is erected it doesn't have sufficient strength, it quickly goes down. 4. During the above stage, while inserting , ejaculation occurs in seconds, thus the duration of sex life is just 15 or 30 seconds.

As you are a 30 year old, I assume that you have a regular sexual partner 1. The shape and size of one's penis is determined largely by hereditary factors and to a small extent by environmental factors like level of sexual activity and cardiovascular health . There is no acceptable method in the world which can increase one's organ size. Better cardiovascular health through aerobic exercise, giving up smoking and alcohol , improved nutrition will help in proper erection of penis. 2. When your p ...

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in jan end there was unprotected sex on 03 april i felt burning sensation on my penis ,on 04 april i was diagnosed for uti by surgeon as there was 1-2 pus cell in my urine and prescribed with antibiotic for a week. it did not give me relief i refered to a urologist and told him everything, he has diagnosed me for prostattitus after physical examination and my semen culture showed no growth,but pus cells 4-6hpf the urologist said there is no STI . he has prescribed me the foll doxy 100mg twice daily for 15 days lenoflox 500 once daily for 4 weeks t.alfoo 10mg one daily for 3 months it has been 15 days since i am having the med but the burning sensation comes often on the right bottom of the head of my penis with no other symptom .what can be the possible reason there is no discharge/rashes on my genitals only this burning sensation pl tell me if i need to show to some other urologist or is it that i have an std which the urologist could not diagnose if so then whom should i consult and what all test of std should i conduct .the urologist has said that i do not require any STD test as i have simple prostatits but the fear of std is troubling me or do i need to consult a pshycatrist pl help

Hi, The medicines you are having are fine and have to be taken for 15 more days and you may feel further better. I might have liked to give some other medicines,but then the doctor might have noticed something on your examination to give you this medicine. You can get tested for hiv for safety sake and your concern. Is there any smell in urine ? prostatitis is difficult to comment without examining you.But it may be possible that you are having acute bacterial prostatitis and treatment for acut ...

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I am 28year old man from india. I would like to say that...I am married In 2009. I am having good sexual life but as per my wife demand she ask to have Long Penis to enjoy more sex. Please suggest me any pil or Tablet to have long penis.

Hi, Most of the oils available in the the market are ayurvedic oils which are not exactly effective but while applying them you do excercise of penis in jelqing fashion so that might be of help,i have not seen oils to work to much. Although there are some oils in the market like which contain nitric oxide also which help in dilation of blood vessels but can be given once your heart check up is fine which can be beneficicl but not in every one. You can visit a sexolohist or internal medicine spe ...

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sir i recently married my penis will not enter into my wife ass and my penis temper reducing 2 to 3 min while i am trying to inserting time after 3 min it will come to normal shape and my wife pussy also very small hole is from which side problem is there what is the solution

Hi, Although enetering penis into ass is not a normal part of sex,although many people do it but still most don't even do it or are unable to enter ass hole and is difficult as ass hole is very small. Vaginal hole or meatus is a respective term and canot be belived as per you,it can be told only after examination. Normally vaginal hole will be according to pelvis size which will be further according to her height. Now for you 3min can be normal as you are recently married and this time will gra ...

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