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Dear Sir, i am married & having 1 kid. i feel pain while having sex with out condom, since my penis foreskin is not going back. i have sex with condom, there is no pain also for me the sperm is coming out in 2 to 3 mins. i dont know whether it is because of pre-mature ejaculation due to phimosis?...

Hi, Pain during sex can have many causes and phimosis is one among those. But if you have phimosis then I think it is noticeable. You will notice a swelling while you are urinating at your prepuce,later on it might go on to become red and you may also have pus through your urinary meatus. Ppainful sex can also be due to - Peyronie's disease - Prostatitis - Urinary tract infection - Yeast infection - Dermatitis - Herpes - Psoriasis - Phimosis - Paraphimosis Since how long you are expe ...

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hi, i am 25 years old. having phimosis problem. and skin of foreskin is also getting white. please suggest

Hi, Medical treatment is good enough for 70-80 percent of people and they work good,and if it does not work then yes there are surgical treatments which are absolutely normal and they basically don't have side effects but then it depends from person to person and they are fine for your future married life don't worry. ...

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