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My father is 78 years old and has been suffering from constipation for the last 2 years. He has also lost a lot of weight around 10 kgs in this time span. In the last couple of months he has been complaining that his abdominal muscles have torn due to bowel straining and now he says there is loss of muscle in his stomach area. Which is why when he lies down everything is fine but when he sits up and walks around he feels like he is carrying a weight in his stomach. After intake of food it becomes worse and he also gets bloating. We have done all possible tests - colonoscopy, CT scan, ultrasound sometime last year and everything was clear. The doctors gave a verdict of idiopathic constipation and left it at that. His blood work is fine, haemoglobin levels, cholestrol etc. He still suffers from constipation. His prostrate is enlarged but results are fine. What is the solution to his stomach muscle problem ? Is it lack of exercise, lack of protein ? He doesnt have a pot belly and has never had and had always been physically active and fairly slender.

Hi, History told by you favours irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ). There are two alarming signs in your case : Firstly, loss of weight and that to10kg approx. Secondly, sensation of carrying a weight in stomach. Both of them do occurs in IBS. But to be on safer side,I would suggest you to go for colonoscopy again because it was done 1 yr back and symptoms have aggravated few months back. Treatments available for IBS - - Increase the level of physical activity. - Have regular meals and take t ...

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I am 31 year guy weight 85 kg. I am golng to gym for last 10 days.i want to reduce my weight. Should i take amway nutrilite protein powder.if i should take thrn when before work out or aftet

Hi, I would not tell you to have protein powder. Protein powder are not given initially. They are given only once you loose weight as that is the time when you are also loosing proteins along with fat out your body and you need it(proteins) for making body. If you take them they have to be taken after work outs. Protein shakes available in the market contain some sought of steroid which are usually not good in long run. Feel free to ask further questions ...

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please tell me how to remain Alert and fit , I do exercise daily , pushups and pulps,6 set of 10 each but still can't effect on muscles even though I can't do workout next day, I have also tried protein shake but of no use , it is heavy on my heart , I drink occasionally , please tell me some ayurvedic supplement which pancake on regular basis with no side effect.

Very good to know ur health conscious. For maintaining health u need proper diet excercise yoga nutritional suppliment and medicines. I have very good ayurvedic medicines and suppliments to maintain health. No side effects. for more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...

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Name – Biman Das Age – 28 years Indian origin, stays in Bangalore, India. 9th July 2012 - hemoglobin electrophoresis suggestive of Homozygous Hemoglobin E disease Complaint – Weakness since 1year. Hi…. Below are the complete tests I have done two days back….. Blood Urea Nitrogen – 11.00 mg/dl Serum Creatinine – 1 mg/dl Serum Glucose – 94 mg/dl SERUM LIVER FUNCTION TEST Billirubin Total – 1.30 mg/dl Billirubin – direct – 0.30 mg/dl SGOT/AST (P5P, IFCC) – 63.00 IU/ml SGPT/ALT (P5P, IFCC) – 142.00 IU/ml ALP – 74 IU/ml Total protein – 7.80 g/dl Serum Albumin – 4.90 g/dl Serum Globulin – 2.90 g/dl ALB/GLOB Ratio – 1.69 g/dl SERUM TSH (ECLIA) – 6.240 IU/mL COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT WBC – 9300.00 / RBC – 6.15 million/ Hemoglobin – 11.90 g/dl Haemotocrit (PCV) – 37.00 % MCV – 61.00 fL MCH – 19.40 Pg MCHC – 31.30 g/dl Platelet count – 135000.00 / DIFFERENTIAL COUNT Neutrophils – 52 % Lymphocytes – 43 % Monocytes – 3.00 % Eosinophils – 2.00 % ESR – 4.00 /1st hour. PERIPHERAL SMEAR EXAMINATION RBC’s – Show moderate anisopoikilocytosis, are microcytic hypochromic with few eliptocytes, target cells. WBC’s – Leucocytes are normal in total count and distribution Plateletes – Plateletes are reduced. Macroplateletes noted. Impression – Microcytic hypochromic blood picture with thrombocytopenia. (Kindly correlate with serum iron,TIBC, ferritin and Hb variant analysis [To rule out hemoglobinopathy]) OTHER TESTS – Routine Urine analysis – All values are normal ECG – Normal study X-Ray of chest – PA View – Normal Study MY HABBITS – Non veg 3 days a week Beer – 3 days a week( 700ml per day) drinking since 10 years. Smoking – 12 cigarettes per day (Smoking since 10 years). More Anxiety and less physical activities. Last one year I am inside my house, just for half an hour I go outside in the morning. MY HISTORY AND TESTS DONE EARLIER – History of acidity, constipation and digestion. 9th July 2012 - Haemoglobin electrophoresis suggestive of Homozygous Haemoglobin E disease. 16th October 2012 - Ultrasound of liver – Fatty Liver 18th October 2012 – Liver function test – All values are normal 18th October 2012 – Pulmonary test – Normal spirometery 18th October 2012 – Complete Haemoglobin – Haemoglobin 12.5 gm/dl, WBC – normal in number and morphology, RBC – Anicocytosis with microcytic hypochromic erythrocytes, mild polychromasia, elliptocytes and taget cells, platelets- adequate Please let me know is it very serious and also let me know some medicines and diet... Regards Biman Das

Hi, I am not sure,your doctor must have examined you so he can might be telling better,but i belive you should have complet liver tests including pt aptt and coagulation profile and billirubin levels and also repeat the tests you already have. Although yellow eyes can also be due to mddy sclera,some people have muddy sclera. Your tsh is also raised so he might be telling you for some test or may be you could be directly be put on medicines for this. Time taken is different for diffirent person ...

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i am planning to take amway nutrilite protein powder to increase breast size. pl provide your suggestions for the same. if you have better protein powder , pl suggest

Hi, There is a genetic role in this and protein powder won't be of much help if your mother have nearly the same problem. What is size of your breast along with cup size ? Is it herditeary ? You can do regular massaging of your breast 2-3 times daily. You should genreally have a good diet. You should do regular excercise and may be involve in some sports activity. ...

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Hi. I already asked a question before. I got reply for that and got expired. So i mentioned below my before question and reply:- Hi. i feel my nerves are weak. i'm 25 yrs old. My hands shake when i do some activities like when i take a tea cup my hands shake. When i'm drinking it slowly my hands shake. I feel very shy and afraid infront of everyone. I cant hold the pen and write normally as others do. I hold my pen very tight with my fingers and write. Then when i go in a bike, when i go in some speed i'm ok. When i go in a dead slow my hands shake. I feel more nervous when i stand in front of everyone. I also feel mild nerves pains in my legs and hands all the time. I'm about to marry in a year or two. I dont know why i get this. Is this occur due to i masturbate often? Is it curable? Can i get my nerves strong and hands without shaking? I'm not able to tell this to my parents. I'm very much afraid of this sir. Pls help me.. Reply for this:- Hi, First of all would like to clarify that it is not due to masturbation , it depends upon the cause whether it is curable or not. Do you feel any kind of numbness or any kind paresthesia in your hands or legs. Since how long are you having this problem and also describe in detail whether you are facing any other symptom or not and whether it was all of a sudden or the symptoms you are facing devloped gradually. Any problem in urine or dafecation ? Any history of trauma and is this pain bilateral or unilateral ? Any history of hypertension and diabetes ? You can get serum electrolyte level and vitamin d3 levels chceked in blood right now and also give me the awnser to above queries i asked you and then will let you know whether any other investigation is required or not. Would recomend you to have plenty of water and high protein diet and also one tablet of neurokind plus daily. My reply:- Yes i feel kind of parasthesia in my hands and legs. Actually i want to share a thing. I had laser surgery for my eyes before 2 years. That time doctor said my nerves are somewhat weak. May be its a family gene problem which could've occured for any others in your family. Anyway its not a problem for this surgery and they done it. I too okay with my eyes. As doctor said generally i feel nervous often. But last 6 months i feel kind of tickling or tingling in my hands and legs. I feel some like burning in my leg limbs. Others say all this occurs due to over masturbation. Help me..

Hi, Yes that much is ok no problems. ...

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Sir i am 25 years old and and take protein supplements as i go to the gym i take around 50grm of artificial protine daily in 2 times. Last night i faced severe stomach ace and loose motions i was doubtful about stomach infection and liver infection as the lft report my S bilirubin total is 0.95 mg/dl S bilirubin (conjugated) is 0.33 mg/dl which is marked high S bilirubin (unconjugated) is 0.61 I do understand taking protine is dangerous but is this a serious issue and what is the cure Thank you

dear Siddarth your bilirubin reports are normal no need to worry ,take wholesome natural foods which will have good fiber and other vitamins and minerals , the food supplements lack fiber thus leading to digestive problems leading to constipation and infection ,take supplements only for short term,add other natural foods to it dont take solely supplements ...

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ankylosing spondylitis: I am 38 yr old 1977 born. Suffering with Ankylosing spondylytes When i was 20 yrs (1997) , then first time had sever leg pain ( from hip to down) and took ibruofin to control It was there now and then and used ibruofin when pain comes Later 13 yrs in 2010 the hip pain ( from hip to down , pain sever during night and morning ) is continuous then when examinded found out that it is Ankylosing spondylytes. In examination HLAB27 is +ve and MRI scan with C-reactive protein (CRP); erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR); high levels Took physiotherapy session for 10 days with rest and it controlled Later now and then pain used to come then mostly I was bearing without taking any drug..... But if pain is very severe and need to travel then used Naprosyn 250 some times else try to manage with pain without medication But in 2013 ( I moved another city, and from next day itself) this time sever body pains majorly back pain and neck pain and stiffness which restricts movememnts started.... continuously..... but i was reluctantn to taken any pain killers and managed like that only ... for almost 2 yrs !!!! during this time my movements are restricted and walking style changed.... But during this time when ever i went to my home town i felt bit better.... but on return position is same.... Recently in 2015 July .... suddently on both feet got swelling and sever pain... not able to walk also .... then contacted rhumotologist then rhumotologist prescribed below medcine after blood tests: Blodd tests: C-reactive protein (CRP) - 99 ; erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) -13; plasma viscosity (PV). ( Not done) Vitamin D: 18 and using below Medcine: Gave Afec injection For one motnh Saaz DS :Morning - Night Ziffinac : when pain there BGcal-ctf Night PDOM-SR :morning ZEMPRED : 16 mg used for 12 days morning - night and for 5 days: monrnng 16 mg - night 8mg and for 5 days: monrnng 16 mg - night 4mg Immustar Pls suggest based on my conditions what shoud be done? (Some one telling to take Remicade/infimab injections !!!! which i dont prefer as it needs to be continued after some yrs it seems also expensive) (is homeopathy good option) Regs, Mohan

hi there is no treatment in homeopathy, but there is no need to go for remicade/inflimab, there are many other medicines are available. methotrexate, leflunomide etc are very effective. if you want you can come to delhi, we can evaluate and modify treatment to make you better take care ...

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sir i am 16 years old and just 5.4 looking forward to increase few more inches i want to ask if some kind of extra protein can help me like nutrilite protein powder or all plant protein powder thank you

Dear verm, height is determined by so many factors like family history, nutrition, hormonal balance etc. You can take nutritious food , and do some exercise. This can help you in some extent. And 5'4" is not so bad. Don't worry. Thanks ...

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