I am experiencing sleepiness i
  I am experiencing sleepiness i

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I am experiencing sleepiness in daytime in my office. I am not feeling drowsy while talking, walking, traveling in vehicles, riding bike or watching TV. My sleeping time in the night is 12:30 AM to 7:30 AM. I do not have smoking or drinking habit. Is this a serious condition? Do I need to take medication?

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I don't think it should be serious,it might be a sign of weakness only
However there can be many reasons,for now you may follow many instructions
1) Have a good healthy diet,high in protein (avoid junky food)
2) Having obesity is one very common reason for this so try and loose weight if obese or at least do physical activity. Whether you are obese or not that will help you
3 )Have plenty of water 2-3 l of water daily
4) You may try with yoga to reduce stress
5) You should also try and sleep a little early and have complete 8 hrs sleep and better sleep wake up cycle

Do you have chronic headache or body ache ?
Any problem with your vision ?
Are you a diabetic or someone with diabetes in family ?
Some kind of stress ?
Do you have chronic nasal congestion or allergy ?

Patient asked followup Question: 12 years ago

1. I do not have chronic head ache or body ache. 2. Yes I am using spectacles for short sight. -0.5 and -0.75 on right and left. I do have axis on my right eye. 3. I am not diabetic. My parents and grand parents are also not diabetic. 4. I do have work stress. 5. I have nasal congestion/ allergy. I have recently consulted a doctor regarding this. I was prescribed to take syrup (Bronchodilator, Mucolytic, Expectorant [Abbott]). I am also asked to use Otrivin when ever I feel nasal congestion. I was asked to to avoid polluted areas and passive smoking. I am 75Kg in weight, my height is 167 cms.


Then just follow what I told you to do. You may do yoga and early morning exercise for improving from chronic nasal congestion and reducing stress. I have also seen people improve with homeopathic treatment for chronic allergies,so if you want to try it.

Try to maintain chronic allergies,that would be helpful as well. Having a healthy diet also reduces also helps you to reduce stress. Try and reduce stress in all other departments of your life.

Keep a check on your diabetic status

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I was suffering from blood in my stool from long time until i consulted a doc and he said that i have fissure. I got it cured through ointments and having drinking fibre. However, from last few monts I have started suffering from incomplete evacuation. All the time my stomach is bloated up and I dont feel like eating anything. I have increased my water intake and also have started eating fibre fruits to a great extent but nothing is helping me. Howsoever hard I try, I am not able to evacuate completely. I go to washroom at least 5 times a day but still i feel full all the time. Sometimes I get black stool and sometimes its normal. My stool is not hard at all. I feel uneasy all the time. I stay in tension all the time due to this. Please suggest me a cure to this.

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hi my dad (68 years) has undergone a Turp sugery on 23rd Dec.He has been fitted with a cathether..He has been prescribed the following medicines (Pan 40 mg, levomac,augmentin 625 mg, chymoral fote)..He is taking it regularly...But the problem is he feels sleepy always and in a day sleeps for atleast 16 hrs (altough not so tight sleep)..am not sure of the reason why he feels so drowsy..can it be because of the tablets..also for info he was given spinal anaesthasia for the sugery..please advise..

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Hi, I would recommend you to get a serum electrolyte done of your dad. If sodium levels comes out to be low then you have the cause and you will have to add a bit of salt in his diet and he will improve. You can consult a urologist since all these problems you had were after the surgery. Feel free to ask more question. ...
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Hello. I am 29 years old from Australia and currently am in Tokyo. I had protected sex with a hooker a few nights ago and a hand job from one last night. I am overweight and chafe a lot when walking a lot but I have noticed itchy red lines have developed behind my knees on both sides. Red rashes are between my legs (but is usual for my chafing). Please note I have been walking around all day long in jeans in cold/warm weather so I am not sure if red is inflammation or the start of an STD? Please advise if you think I need to return home immediately for tests or if I am overreacting ? Thank you

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Hi, Please tell about your diabetic status. Rashes between your legs, at the back of your knees,in armpits are common, as the area is usually moist and allergic. Rash is common at such a location,and you already told me that chaffing is common to you then it can be because of that only. Looking at your condition that you are unable to wear loose clothes all day long. try and wear loose cotton clothes at some part of the day so that your body can be exposed to fresh air . Try to keep you geni ...
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hi i have a female friend , she used to to smoke Hookah tobacco for 3 months then suddenly she stopped smoking , now she feels heart pain (heart beats faster ), chest pain (hard to breath and some timed coughs blood ) and back pain when she went to the hospital the doctor said you must stop smoking hookah gradually not stop suddenly so what do u recommend and is it true that this is the only solution for this problem ? or is there some kind of pills or medical solution? i don't her to smoke again cause if she tries again she may be addicted again to hookah tobacco so please i want a better solution then this solution

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Hi, Since you have not told me about the age of the patient ,with only history available that she was a smoker,following might be the causes - - Bronchitis - Brochiectasis - Lung carcinoma - Pneumonia For all of these you will have to leave smoking.You may quit smoking suddenly but doctors at might not recommend it because this might suddenly lead to dropping of hormone levels in blood which might cause depression. For knowing about the exact cause about the disease, I will have to know ...
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Hi , My dad is 68 years old.He is diabetic and suffering from blood pessure. Also he has Sleep apnea issues..Offlate he is sleeping excessively, speaks while sleeping and also speaks assuming that a person is nearby (while the person is nt in the vicinity)..What can be the reason for the same?..A friend of mine asked me to check sodium levels..If that has to be tested , should that be done before fasting...

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Hi, You told me that your father is having hallucinations(he sees what is not there actually),these are commonly seen due to hyperosmolar, hyperglycemic , nonketotic syndromes. The cause of hallucination is usually rapid rise in blood sugar.(the cause might be some exisiting infection in body). I have never heard of hallucination due to electrolyte imbalance,however you may get it checked as(electrolyte imbalance) definitely can cause confusion. Rest if he has very high blood sugar, dehydrat ...
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