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I've had a hole beginning to pierce through my septum now for over a year now and no one can explain the cause only answer I get is sometimes this happens.That's B/S, something is causing this and I would like some feed back or a way to cure the on going issue please reply back with anything I'm up for a chance at solving the problem.I have doing my own research on line everything goes back in the same direction with no real cause except nasal sprays and illegal drugs.I'm 45 years old and a truck driver have not done drugs in years and have bad allergies can someone help?

Dear Frank, a hole in the septum of your nose, if i m not mistaken, is what you said. Could be a non healing ulcer.I cannot be sure of it. Please give me more details for me to help you, Fill out the adult questionnaire form on my website (http://www.**url**/home/) and send me copy of whatever blood work up or radiology that you might have done up till now and i may be able to help. As for your allergies homoeopathy is best at curing them. ...

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Can kerosene fumes cause eyelid allergies? If so, how does one treat it? I need the kerosene for the furnace--it's an outside tank and the oil freezes when reallly cold.

allergies can be caused by any substance in this world. It depends upon sensitivity of your body towards that particular substance. And yes kerosene gives allergy. The only solution is to avoid the allergen. If exposure to kerosene is unavoidable then take care to minimize it's exposure to the affected part. if then too it occurs then anti allergic ointments and tablets are needed with wash of affected area with plenty of water and apply anti-allergic ointment to skin ...

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I am on cholesterol tablets and B.P. tablets. Since taking these both symptoms are within the 'normal' range. Can I take Allergex for allergies with the above medication?

Hi, there isn't described interactions between Allergex and anticholesterol, antihypertensive medications, so you can safely treat your allergy. Anyway if you experience any unusual signs on the new medication contact to your doctor immediately. ...

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Sir mujhe 1 saal se cough wali khasi hai report chest ka normal hai or blood test mai allergies hai medicine bhi karaya pr koi fark nhi pada sir mujhe konsi bimari ho skti hai or elaaj bataye plz

Hi Hujju, hope you doing good. well it seems that your chronic cough is due to allergy. And the best treatment of it is avoid trigger factors, stay away from the things you have allery with,usually people have allergy from dust,pollen ,irritant in air,weather,dust mite,rodents , pet dandruff etc. So you need to find out your trigger factors and in that case take anit allergic medicine like tablet fexofenadine 180 mg once whenever you got allergic attack , i don't think so you have any disease ot ...

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