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i am feeling so tired, and cough continued from last 6 month, not able to sleep, and feeling Stress, such as severe emotional and physical stress, and having joint pain also. we done this medical test (thoras cat scan, cbc, xray, tb test, urine test, split test, ecg and many more.

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I am male 40 yrs at India . I had protected sex but unprotected insertive fellatio ( 2 mins ) from a call girl . On the 11th day and 17th day after exposure went for both DNA PCR test and P24 antigen test and all the 4 tests turned out to be negative. Please appraise me about my current status and shud I consider the results to be conclusive . Please let me know wether I shud go for any more tests . If yes , which test and at what time frame . I somehow managed to avoid any sexual contacts with my wife. Looking forward to your kind reply and I am under lot of stress and guilt

Hi, That is true that it gives a conclusive result as told by the company,however since i have not seen many results by myself so i am not very confident since the test is not very old. You may get your test repeated now,just to get it confirmed and you may visit an internal medicine specialist and if you are so anxious you may also have hiv prophylaxis (if the doctor md medicine thinks it right for you). Don't worry as much as i have read about the test it is conclusive but since the test is ...

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my daughter has been prescribed Serta 25 for a panic attack she had recently while in a boarding school. She is in the final year for IB boards and maybe undergoing stress in preparation for the forthcoming exams. she is a little highly-strung and sensitive girl. With reference to the black-out she had she said that there was no external stimuli ie. pressure of the exams to have caused this attack. I as a mother am not not very sure. Her doctor prescribed Serta 25 one a day in the morning and Sibelium 5 one a day at night for 30 days. I am concerned about the side effects of these medicines. Are they safe to take under the given circumstances.

Hi, As you told that your daughter had a panic attack,she had to be prescribed with drugs to calm her(at least for the acute phase and might be removed after one month and she might not even have an attack later in her life if she can stops taking stress,but this is to be seen later), dose will be decided only on the basis of her examination. Rest other symptoms also indicate that she had nervousness and was a anxid child and may be due to stress she might have had a panic attack. Now for the a ...

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i do masturbation for 2 years semen or sperm leaking in every 3 days ,when penis 5% works leaking , thinking, seeing blue films leaking, now i did not doing any wrong, down stomach pain, vomiting,unable to concentrate,mind disorder,stress full, no strength store in body,joint paint , testortone one ball up and one down, eye power low,spinal cord pain, body ,back pain,high pressure of this effects ? give me treatment to cure this completely

Hi, There are no tablets to control masturbation and it is a normal process doing it once in 3-4 days is ok,just stop watching blue films and avoid sexual thought in your might continously.You may try to read books may be spirutual books and may also try regular yoga this will help you to keep your thought process clean and keep yourself busy in activities of your interest. I did not understand your point about when penis 5 % ? All the symptoms you described are not because of masturbation,they ...

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The word HATE IS programmed in my head and my head screams that word wen I'm around other people and my stress level is extremely high and I don't know what medications to take besides blood pressure pills to help with my kidneys* That doesn't work!!

may require counselling if u think u have the word hate programmed in your head i request you to try the experience of loving nature and then people around u and share your feeling, try to keep urself calm and don think just let go the bad thoughts ...

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I have burning and itching in the veins of my neck, mostly on left side, and some slightly enlatged lymph nodes. the burning sensation travels across my head and under my arms, i have been having anxiety attacks. 45 years old, female. under severe stress.

though anxiety can produce the symptoms you have experienced,local skin allergy can produce itching.Regarding lymph nodes--if painless and not enlarging,could be result of local allergic skin reaction.If painful, it could be from some infection.You may have to suitable antibiotics. Try anti anxiety medications also because it can produce all of your symptoms. ...

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