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I need expert opinion regarding "What should I do for nightfall problem ?" .I am facing this problem for last 10 years and happening 3-5 times a week.Is there any remedy to completely recover from this problem. Because of this wetdream my body weight is 52 kg.My age is 28 and height is 165cm.please provide some madicine to increase my body weight also

Hi, As you said that you are having this problem for a pretty long time, I have to say that it is important for you to know what exactly is night fall. Night fall is a problem which is faced more by men. The reason is that in females the secretion is too less for them to realize that they had a night fall. Males mostly have this problem in their teenage.The problem may be as infrequent to once in two months and to as frequent as once in every second day. Well there is no sure shot cure for it ...

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My father is 78 years old and has been suffering from constipation for the last 2 years. He has also lost a lot of weight around 10 kgs in this time span. In the last couple of months he has been complaining that his abdominal muscles have torn due to bowel straining and now he says there is loss of muscle in his stomach area. Which is why when he lies down everything is fine but when he sits up and walks around he feels like he is carrying a weight in his stomach. After intake of food it becomes worse and he also gets bloating. We have done all possible tests - colonoscopy, CT scan, ultrasound sometime last year and everything was clear. The doctors gave a verdict of idiopathic constipation and left it at that. His blood work is fine, haemoglobin levels, cholestrol etc. He still suffers from constipation. His prostrate is enlarged but results are fine. What is the solution to his stomach muscle problem ? Is it lack of exercise, lack of protein ? He doesnt have a pot belly and has never had and had always been physically active and fairly slender.

Hi, History told by you favours irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ). There are two alarming signs in your case : Firstly, loss of weight and that to10kg approx. Secondly, sensation of carrying a weight in stomach. Both of them do occurs in IBS. But to be on safer side,I would suggest you to go for colonoscopy again because it was done 1 yr back and symptoms have aggravated few months back. Treatments available for IBS - - Increase the level of physical activity. - Have regular meals and take t ...

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My weight is 89 lbs, my age is 47 and I was prescribe Apo Amoxi (500 mg) 3 time a day for every 8 hours for 10 days. Do you think 1500Mg is too much for me, according to my weight. 

Hi, No even for your weight 500 mg dose can be given (prescribed). The prescribed dose is 20-40 mg/kg. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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I am 31 year guy weight 85 kg. I am golng to gym for last 10 days.i want to reduce my weight. Should i take amway nutrilite protein powder.if i should take thrn when before work out or aftet

Hi, I would not tell you to have protein powder. Protein powder are not given initially. They are given only once you loose weight as that is the time when you are also loosing proteins along with fat out your body and you need it(proteins) for making body. If you take them they have to be taken after work outs. Protein shakes available in the market contain some sought of steroid which are usually not good in long run. Feel free to ask further questions ...

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Hi My name is Priya and i am a software professional. I am very thin . I eat regularly and good nutritious food. Rarely i take junk foods. But there is no sign of my weight increasing. What can be done to gain weight?

Hi, The easiest way to gain weight is to add calories to your diet. For every kg of weight gain you will have to add about 1500-2000 calories to your diet. Your diet must include at least three basic meals, and two snack meals, which should include high calorie diet, shakes, ice cream, butter, oil, cheese, dense potato, spreads and bread. If you are not gaining weight even after increasing your diet, then you should have a medical check up done to investigate the root there are many c ...

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I am 30 years old and Height is 165Cm and weight is 58kg,My quiry is why is that i am so thin...I have problems with my bowels as i most of the times these days skip my lunch and dinner and make it up by having some fast food, It would be greatful if you can tell me how i can increase my weight?

Hi, The easiest way to gain weight is to add calories to your diet. For every kg of weight gain you will have to add about 1500-2000 calories to your diet. Your diet must include at least three basic meals, and two snack meals, which should include high calorie diet, shakes, ice cream, butter, oil, cheese, dense potato, spreads and bread. You can try protein shakes available at any gym, and the above diet with a good work out plan,(as exercise will make you gain muscle mass) will help you gain ...

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1. My grand daughter 2 yrs of age having severe lose motion or diarrhea for the last 4 days and passing watery yellowish stool every 5 to 10 minutes. Had slight temperature max 101.5 Deg F, for the first two days. Now there is no temperature. 2. She is being hydrated and has been passing urine occasionally. She is 11kg by weight. 3. Urine and stool tests have been carried out. There is no infection. 4. Urine : Albumin- Trace, Ketone Bodies-Present +, Red Bllod Cells-Absent, Puss Cell-4-5/HPF, Epithelial Cells-2-3/HPF 5. Stool: reducing substances- Present +, Puss cells – 2-3/HPF, Epithelial cells-Occasional. (Oval Cysts not seen) 6. Local doctor says she will be all right but her watery stool continues unabated and we are extremely worried. She is losing her body weight and becoming cranky. Her skin around anus has become swollen & reddish. 7. She has been put on liquid O2 Suspension from today (Ofloxacin and Orindazole) 8. Please let us know: a. How can we stop the lose motion of such high frequency. b. Is O2 has some side effect? Do you suggest any other medicine c. Is it normal that such watery stool can continue for such log time? d. Please advice what should be done now.

Thanks for your query Since your granddaughter is having such high frequency of loose motions,she may become dehydrated anytime,so please take her to a health facility and get her examined.She might need admission and fluid drip.Till the time being please give her ORS solutions to drink 100 ml after each loose stool.She is having reducing substances in her stools which suggest she is having osmotic diarrhoea most likely due to lactose intolerance so avoid milk in her diet till she recovers.Stoo ...

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