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I have had amenerhea after the pill and had not had a period since last April (9 months ago). My OB put me on progesterone to induce withdrawal bleed and is likely going to diagnose PCOS. She is supposed to call today but first labs showed a Fsh:lh of over 3:1 so it looks like PCOS. I am having a very painful withdrawal bleed on this progesterone. Started with right side pain, constant ache in pelvic region now, and pain during bowel movements/urination? Does this sound normal for a progesterone withdrawal bleed?

Hi, Small cyst rupturing does not cause pain usually and since you are better with nsaids, you don't need to do anything and may continue with nsaids. But haemorrhagic cyst are painful(extreme degree) and if your pain is not relieved by nsaids or you think pain is aggravating or it may be unbearable,it will be advisable to go for an ultrasound abdomen to rule out any kind of haemorrhage. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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How can man came out from his sexual weakness

Contact Medisex Foundation, Bangalore. - Eight Four nine four nine three three eight eight eight. ...

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sexual weakness in erruction and maintaining erructiion?

Hi, As you know that our growth is controlled by human growth hormone and many more hormones which are present in the body,. If your HGH is not regulated properly then you can have smaller pains or you may suffer from sexual dysfunction. We have to first see the level of hormones then we can tell you whether we can increase it or not. But you need an harder penis for sexual intercourse and not lengthy one. Size does not matter but what matter is your hardness of penis and time of sexual in ...

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Hi I have disc bulge at L4, L5 since4 years . I am now working part time at a school . My supervisor requires me to take stairs for taking child from 2nd floor class to basement gym and back. We are not allowed to use lift. Please let me know if it is safe to do ? Since this is a special Ed school we anyway have to do lot of runing about. A

Hi, You are having prolapse of disc at L4-5 level. You should not indulge in heavy physical activity. you should take precautions such as avoid bending forward , jumping , running for long distances , lifting of heavy weights and all other activities which may put strain to your spine.Wear a lumbosacral belt as advised by your orthopaedician. Take muscle relaxants and physiotherapy for your back.Consult your Orthopaedic surgeon for proper evaluation of your spine. Feel free to ask any questi ...

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I had Wysolone 20 Mg for 2 weeks in the year 1999 and till the date I am suffering from fluid retention, weight gain, Swelling in whole body specially on face , eyes, hands and feet and muscle weakness and facing weekness after periods as it is abnormal.

Hi, For swelling i would need kidney function test as well at least,so much bleeding can't be normal.I would recommend you to get a repeat ultrasound because this age is really prone for fibroid uterus.Even continuous discharge is not good and you should get your self examined for that by a gynecologist. Are you running any continuous fever ? How is the discharge,is it smelly,what color ? I am not sure why you have splenomegaly because you have not mentioned any point in your history which ind ...

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My husband by mistake drank Lyzol (floor cleaner), please suggest me what i will do, he is not agree to go hospital.

Hi, You should take him to a hospital straight away as it can be serious.Till that time try and make him vomit, either he himself should insert finger deep inside his throat to provoke vomiting,he can also be given salt water in which saturation of salt is to much so that he can vomit.He should also be given sucralfate syrup at least half a bottle right now.Then further depends on his condition but please take him to a doctor right away. Truly he should be given a gastric lavage which can be gi ...

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Hi.. Im 24 yr old male. i have an habit of masturbation. i think in my school 8th class i did masturbation first time. After a year it became a habit for me. i’m very much ashamed of having this habit. After doing masturbation, I hate myself that I cant control it. I think to control doing next time, but finally again I do it. From that time to till now I cant stop this habit. So more or less I masturbate twice a week anyway and in rare cases thrice a week. Accidentally during my college time I watched some programs in tv saying that masturbation causes not able to do sexual intercourse with partner. It causes not able to give a baby after marriage. After seeing that type of programs I got very much afraid of my life. Before two years I did laser eye surgery. Before surgery they did all pre-test for me. Then they said that your nerves are weak so we need to do two more extra test. After that extra test doctor said that we can do the surgery there’s nothing problem regarding the nerve weakness. I Think may be its family gene problem having nerve weakness. Maybe your grandfather too could had nerve weakness in his life. And now after two years of eye surgery I didn’t face any problems. As doctor said my nerves are weak in my body from my small age.After masturbating all these days I feel my nerves got more weak than before. I don’t know whether it is due to masturbation.But nowadays after masturbation I get head pain back side sometimes and not everytime. Anyway I feel nerves are weak in my body.I’m afraid very much that I cant do sexual intercourse with my partner if I get married. I’m afraid that I cant make my wife pregnant after my marriage. Please help me can I make a baby with sexual intercourse after my marriage? Do I’ve to get any treatment regarding sexual or regarding my nerve weakness or do I’ve to check whether can I make a baby with good sexual intercourse??

Hi, Fatigue means thakaan or to get tired easily,the symptoms you described are not of nerve weakness.Rest other symptoms are very normal things which many people might face and it is difficult to comment may be there is some thing locally on your back which might be irritating you or may be some kind of allergy. If you really feel that way when you masturbate then get your self checked up to a nearest doctor and he might have to do investigation and various tests to confirm if everything is fi ...

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When I did laser eye treatment doctor told me your nerves are weak but they did the treatment as it is nothing problem regarding that. So as my nerves are weak, after my marriage when I get my baby, will that baby too will have nerve weakness?

Hi, Diagnosis of such kind can't be told like this or made like this they have to get all your tests done to make such a diagnosis. Unless the eye doctor was tell about the local examination for your eye. Do your eyelids fall,or do you have squint,do you have difficulty in looking left or right? Because there can be number of diseases by which you can be diagnosed(depending on your symptoms) but there will have to be a number of examinations and tests which will have to be done by a specialist ...

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I underwent laminectomy for d12- l1 region because of a fall from second floor and its been 2 and half years now. I cannot stay in stting or standing position for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a strech. Now recently I`m getting pain as while I try to bend and rise. Please let me if any thing went wrong in the operated part. I have two rods and four screws inserted.

Hi, If the pain has been there continuously just after the procedure then you should have visited the hospital you got your treatment,that's fine you did not want to spend money but still at least you should have known what is the problem behind this. Indian government provides free medical care to all and review any government hospital and at least they will know what is the problem behind your pain and their are institutes which have tests like mri at very less price or at discounted prices ...

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