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My father is 78 years old and has been suffering from constipation for the last 2 years. He has also lost a lot of weight around 10 kgs in this time span. In the last couple of months he has been complaining that his abdominal muscles have torn due to bowel straining and now he says there is loss of muscle in his stomach area. Which is why when he lies down everything is fine but when he sits up and walks around he feels like he is carrying a weight in his stomach. After intake of food it becomes worse and he also gets bloating. We have done all possible tests - colonoscopy, CT scan, ultrasound sometime last year and everything was clear. The doctors gave a verdict of idiopathic constipation and left it at that. His blood work is fine, haemoglobin levels, cholestrol etc. He still suffers from constipation. His prostrate is enlarged but results are fine. What is the solution to his stomach muscle problem ? Is it lack of exercise, lack of protein ? He doesnt have a pot belly and has never had and had always been physically active and fairly slender.

Hi, History told by you favours irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ). There are two alarming signs in your case : Firstly, loss of weight and that to10kg approx. Secondly, sensation of carrying a weight in stomach. Both of them do occurs in IBS. But to be on safer side,I would suggest you to go for colonoscopy again because it was done 1 yr back and symptoms have aggravated few months back. Treatments available for IBS - - Increase the level of physical activity. - Have regular meals and take t ...

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Hi Doctor.I used to do fast balling of cricet on hard surfaces like roads for 2 years.Then I stopped playing and started walking 4 kms each day. Afterthat I joined gym and used to run on trade mill for 10 mins and stepper and cycling for 10 mins each.I have developed pain and bit of swelling in both lower legs in Tibia and Tibialis Anterior muscle

Hi, Usually there can be swelling or mild stiffness due to some local inflammation,which might be due to some wear and tear of muscles. If that is not hampering your daily routine then it should be fine, It should not be anything serious but it might take somewhere around 2 weeks to completely go off or at times it may take months to heal up if those muscles are not at rest. So you may follow the following instructions 1) You can use ice packs to reduce swelling 2) You may use a pain killer a ...

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Is Zerodol-MR safe while taken in pregnancy? I may be pregnant right now. I am having muscle pain in arm and side neck.

Hi!! Tab zerodol mr has aceclofenac and tizanidine which are not safe in pregnancy.All non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs should be avoided in pregnancy.In case of severe muscle spasm take plain crocin 500/650 mg strength and you can apply topical applications of diclofenac only in case of sever pain,but best if avoidable. For sore throat,novaclox tablet is safe in pregnancy. ...

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I had Wysolone 20 Mg for 2 weeks in the year 1999 and till the date I am suffering from fluid retention, weight gain, Swelling in whole body specially on face , eyes, hands and feet and muscle weakness and facing weekness after periods as it is abnormal.

Hi, For swelling i would need kidney function test as well at least,so much bleeding can't be normal.I would recommend you to get a repeat ultrasound because this age is really prone for fibroid uterus.Even continuous discharge is not good and you should get your self examined for that by a gynecologist. Are you running any continuous fever ? How is the discharge,is it smelly,what color ? I am not sure why you have splenomegaly because you have not mentioned any point in your history which ind ...

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I used to do few abs exercise ever day for 20 mins. I did this for 2 weeks. I stopped after having abdominal muscle pain and back pain. This pain is not the regular pain. I feel as though muscles are contracting. It been 2 weeks now. I took hifilac for 4 days (1 everyday) after which pain has reduced considerably, but still there is uneasiness and light pain sometimes. What could be the reason? Should I take hifilac for couple of days more? Please suggest

Hi, Its been how many days you have left excercise due to pain in back and pain abdomen ? Exactly what is the site of pain where do you have pain ? What does hifilac contain(name of drug),please kindly mention the name of the drug ? Although muscle pain in back is common after strenous excercise if not done properly and if done after a long time the pain can happen. You can take a combination of diclofenac and seratiopeptidase for now for 2-3 days,but if the pain does not go even after about 5 ...

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A friend just learned he only has 46% of his heart muscle functioning and that is 10% less than last year. What can be done? How long can he survive if this trend continues?

kindly consult doctor....for the cause of decrease of probably ejection fraction to may be ischaemic....or some other disorders like thyroid disease, dilated cardiomyopathy, ...

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Hey doctor I had a football game last Thursday. A teammate fell on my leg and I had pulled my muscle. I worked through it and Friday the day after I couldn't walk now it's all worked out but I have this swelling that's gross is like I can mold it like it's play doh or clay can you help me out

maybe you have a ruptured calf muscle or a haematoma which is getting organised. you need a consulation by a orthopaedic surgeon who will diagnose it and may be confirm it with usg/MRI .but this requires an urgency as you are so young and it should be treated soon and not neglected. ...

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