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Dear Sir/Madam, I have had intercourse with my boyfriend 5 months back and had abortion pills by consulting a Doctor online. Now my problem is im getting married next month and scare with all these problems because my boyfriend is no more with me he had left me and my parents have fixed my marriage dates to some other person im in a critical situation to handle all the problems. I cant tel my partner that i had intercourse I had abortion pills so is there any problem in getting pregnant again or not I have not gone for any kind of checkup as off now I have itching in my vaginal area. I dont no its due to (wetness in the area or white discharge or any infection coz im using a common toilet in college) My white discharge is white in color and not in any other color. its in liquid form.. It comes 5 to 6 drops a day or sometimes may be little bit more or little.... Please help me out with all the questions i have been worrying about. My mind is totally upset due to all this problems. I need to go for a checkup but im scare to go for a checkup can you please suggest a doctor in Coimbatore,TamilNadu

Hi! The only blood test that can show whether you are pregnant or the previous abortion was an incomplete one is a serum beta hcg -this checks the hormone for pregnancy in the blood.If less than 5 ,then pregnancy is negative. A normal gynae check up can reveal past pregnancy only if earlier pregnancy led to an incomplete abortion which can be made out by an ultrasonogram of the pelvis or the serum beta hcg.Otherwise no doctor can make out whether you were pregnant in the past and have taken abor ...

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I turned 18 a few months back. I have gone through puberty. All facial hair and pubic hair. I am really ashamed by my penis though. It has not grown at all. It is 3 inches when not errect. Oh and it hurts. What can i do?

Hi, The average normal length is between 7-10 cm so do not worry about it . You are probably getting concious about length of your penis,. Length of penis depends upon the genetic status also of an individual. Do you know that female has feeling sensation for penis for a few cm (around 5-6cm probably) so there is no need to worry. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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for weeks i have been sleeping all day and night. and have been running a low grade fever... 99.8-101.4 depending on the day. i have no energy at all. i wake up only to go to the bathroom or to take my meds. other than that i do not feel sick.

Hi, I don't think these symptoms are because of any accident in which your head hit a window. That is difficult and it seems to be some kind of an infection only and usually the viral infection heals up automatically in around 5-6 days. They can be of multiple types and and at times they can be very serious,in which your sleep might be affected too. But wait for blood tests they would tell you something about your health further,and if your health does not improve then you may go for further ...

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GERD. It has been on and off since 2008. The condition worsened last month in Jan 2013 and I could hardly swallow any solid food. It just gets stuck in the throat and feel like I am choking till I push the food down with water. Liquids and semi solid foods are ok. The doctors did Nasal Endoscopy, Normal Gastro Endoscopy, Esopheagal Manometry, Barium Swallow X-Ray and all tests came up normal. I was told the swallowing problem is primarily related to GERD and I was advised Cintapro 1 mg tablet for 1 month. So far as I take the tablet, I am able to take in selected solid foods fine, but not all foods. If I do not take this tablet for one day, the problem recurrs back. Question 1: How long will this motility disorder be related to GERD ? Question 2: Are there any side effects of taking this Cintapro 1 mg to help in motility on a long term basis (Say if I need to take this for some more time) Questionj 3: Are there any other tests that will show the proper reason for this motility disorder of the esophaegus (Apart from Esopheagal Manometry, Gastro Endoscopy, Barium Swallow X-Ray) etc.

GERD will persist but the effect can be decreased by life style modification like good brisk walk for 40 mins, avoiding fat, consuming more curd and buttermilk rather than milk and keeping a gap of 2 hrs between food and sleep. Cintpro is by and large relatively safe drug for long term use till now. We need to see the reports of existing tests before we proceed with further tests Stress has significant role in symptoms so please be relaxed. ...

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Dr. Ritu Sethi

  • Gynecologist
  •  Gurgaon, India
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Dr. Sameer Kad

  • Orthopedist
  •  New Delhi, India
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Dr. Ramesh Madan

  • Internal Medicine
  •  New Delhi, India
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Dr. Puneet Madan

  • General Physician
  •  New Delhi, India
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Dr. Manushree Gupta

  • Psychiatrist
  •  New Delhi, India
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Dr. Alok Kalyani

  • Rheumatologist
  •  New Delhi, India
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Dr. Sanjay Pandey

  • Homeopathist
  •  Kolkata, India
  •  250 Doc Points

Dr. Rangeeth Nammalwar

  • Dentist
  •  Chennai, India
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Dr. Jowin J William

  • Homeopathist
  •  Navi Mumbai, India
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  • Homeopathist
  •  Hyderabad, India
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Dr. Aneri Dental studio

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