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  Dear Sir/Madam, I have had in

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Dear Sir/Madam, I have had intercourse with my boyfriend 5 months back and had abortion pills by consulting a Doctor online. Now my problem is im getting married next month and scare with all these problems because my boyfriend is no more with me he had left me and my parents have fixed my marriage dates to some other person im in a critical situation to handle all the problems. I cant tel my partner that i had intercourse I had abortion pills so is there any problem in getting pregnant again or not I have not gone for any kind of checkup as off now I have itching in my vaginal area. I dont no its due to (wetness in the area or white discharge or any infection coz im using a common toilet in college) My white discharge is white in color and not in any other color. its in liquid form.. It comes 5 to 6 drops a day or sometimes may be little bit more or little.... Please help me out with all the questions i have been worrying about. My mind is totally upset due to all this problems. I need to go for a checkup but im scare to go for a checkup can you please suggest a doctor in Coimbatore,TamilNadu


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If the abortion pills you took resulted in a complete abortion and your menses have been regular after that, then no need to worry.Less chances of any chances of problems in conceiving in next pregnancy.
Also,the itching in the vaginal area is most likely due to fungal infection,common in girls using public toilets.Kindly keep good local hygiene,clean your private parts with a mild vaginal wash many of which are present over the counter.
Also,wear only cotton clothes esp undergarments,dry them in the hot sun,and discard them every 2-3 mths.
Some kind of vaginal discharge is common in every female esp in the midcycle or before menses,but if it is itchy or foul smelling then it implies vaginal infection.
You should use condom to minimise infection during intercourse and use vaginal pessaries for your current infection.

Patient asked followup Question: 5 years ago

Thks Dr... I have my regular periods after that. One more doubt, if i go for check up will that show that im already aborted through blood test or normal gyno checkup... What is vaginal pessaries? What for is the use of this??? Should I consult a Dr for this vaginal itching??? Im using a unhygienic toilet in my coll may that result in itching? Because of the itching im so uncomfortable madam. Is there any problem in keeping intercourse with my partner in the next month or before that i have to consult a Checkup? If i need to have a checkup can u please suggest me a Dr in coimbatore, Tamilnadu,India

The only blood test that can show whether you are pregnant or the previous abortion was an incomplete one is a serum beta hcg -this checks the hormone for pregnancy in the blood.If less than 5 ,then pregnancy is negative.
A normal gynae check up can reveal past pregnancy only if earlier pregnancy led to an incomplete abortion which can be made out by an ultrasonogram of the pelvis or the serum beta hcg.Otherwise no doctor can make out whether you were pregnant in the past and have taken abortion pills.
Vaginal pessaries are pills inserted in the vagina at bedtime to treat vaginal infection for 5 days or even uptil 7 days depending on the severity of your condition.
Yes unclean public toilets can lead to your current problem
Intercourse can be painful if your present condition continues so you can consult a gynae for check up.

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