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i am just 25 years old.My height is 169 cm&weight-72 kgslast 10 days back i checked my bp,it is 150/ lipid profile reports are normal,in ultrasound scanning liver was minute enlarged,i am taking stamlo beta for my hypertension,now can i use ayurveda medicines for hyprtension & liver enlargement.

Hi, Looking at your detail that you gave me, you seem to have a normal BMI (body mass index),and normal cholesterol levels which is a good thing. There can be many people who might have a slight or mildly enlarged liver that only means that you should have a little less on your cholesterol or oil in eating and may be alcohol if you ingest it. You can use ayurvedic drugs for your liver,but I wont say them for hypertension. Now a days many doctors prescribe diuretics as a first line of treatmen ...

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Hi, The indications of dialysis usually are divided in 3 points system 1)Fluid overload which can not be managed by drugs 2) Hyperkalemia or electrolyte abnormalities which can't be treated by drugs 3) Severe acidosis which can't be treated by drugs Last year during a conference I attended they updated with levels of urea(>200),and creatinine (>7) should be considered as an indication for dialysis,this is proposed but not confirmed as of now. All the above are for chronic kidney disease,ther ...

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Hi i am 23 days pregnant, Confirmed after blood HCG test. Consulted doctor, she prescribed Mankind's Unwanted Kit. She told to use it as per instruction ..I read the manual its written to take 4-misoprostol tablets after 1-3 days of taking the mifepristone tablet. Its mentioned to take Misoprostol Vaginally. As my pregnancy is only 23 days i don't want to take misoprostol vaginally..rather i want to take it orally. Can i take Mankind Brand's Unwanted Kit's Misoprostol dose orally in my case. If not mankinds any other good brands..cipla, sun alternative for using misoprostol orally. S. Dey. Age-25, Weight 49, Hgeight 5 ft.

Hi, The time gap is same whether drug (misoprostol)taken orally or vaginally.the drug whether taken orally or vaginally it is to be taken 2+2,you will take the first dose after 24 hours of mifepristone and then after 12 hours rest of the 2 tablets. But these drugs will be useful only if the pregnancy is intrauterine. Hope you have confirmed that. Yes it is possible that some products of conception are retained even after drugs and that can be confirmed only after an ultrasound,which is to be d ...

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i've done a test for microsomal (Tpo) antibody titre, serum by cmia & the observe value is 635.56 my tsh is also high and having node in the neck and in right axilla ( underarm ). What does this means ? What disease i am suffering from i need to no ? My family say nothing happen. They also say i am not having any problem. Pls answer me

Hi, Microsomal (tpo) levels are usually seen to look for autoimmune antibodies against your own thyroid. Yes your the test is positive and values are quite high which can have many causes out of which nodular goitre can have high probability because you are having thyroid problems as well. Now the thyroid nodules are usually slow growing nodules in which malignancy have to be ruled out first, and then next line is whether they are obstructing your airway or not. If not then it is just the med ...

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I need to abort my 3 to 4 weeks old pregnancy. I have tested my urine wait the pregnancy test tube (HCG test tube). It gave me a positive pregnancy result. Now i wish to abort it at home. I do not wish to go to the hospital and am not economically well too. hence please guide me with the quick abortion in a simple way.

Hi!! Pregnancy cannot be less tahn 4 weeks as it is always counted from the day of the last menstrual period,so your pregnancy should be calculated accordingly.Also,termination of pregnancy ,is not such a simple procedure, so kindly consult a gynaecologist,get an ultrasound done for early pregnancy to calculate the exact size of the pregnancy,blood group and haemoglobin done. Taking over the counter medications cause more harm and may even be life threatening,so kindly refrain without proper pre ...

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Hello Doc I am diagnosed for PCOS ,TTC with siphene 100mg. On the 13th day of my periods the follicular study shows Right 8.3X8mm ,left 9.9X7.2 mm, i was not convinced with the scan report due to some reasons which i faced during my previous scan ,so went for another ultrasound scan from another hospital on the 14th day of my periods. The folicular size on 14th day shows Right :10.6x7.6mm and Left 14.9X9.4mm My question here is how can the follicules in a day grow from 9.9x7.2mm to 14.9X9.4 mm? and are there any chances for me to concieve this time with follicules 14.9x9.4 mm on the 14th day by an HCG shot at the right time ? and taking ultrasound scans many times is of any harm ????

Hi, Ideally if some one has a regular cycle(periods) the follicle should be mature and ready to rupture on thirteenth day,size of a mature follicle is around 20-21mm when it ruptures. It depends why metformin is given to you if the only cause is pcod and is just given for this then it would be stopped after you conceive,but if you have type 2 diabetes(insulin resistance) along with pcod then it would be continued life long. Many people achieve periods after they have their first baby. ...

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what can cause hcg level to rise apart from pregnancy? i have missed period for only 2 days. Because of my curiosity, i brought two home pregnancy test kits and checked. when i checked for first time with I-CAN kit, i got faint pink line. I was happy that i was pregnant. The very next day, when i checked with APOLLO kit for confirmation, i got nothing. Im really in the state of confusion. Am i really pregnant or what?

Hi, Just wait for a few days, do it on seventh day of missing your periods,although some test kits are very good and they even would tell or give positive result on second day of you missing your periods,but still you can wait for a few more days to get confirmatory results. Do it on 7th day. Other causes of raised hcg are usually not so common. ...

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