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PAST HISTORY : against hedeach use painkiller

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The indications of dialysis usually are divided in 3 points system
1)Fluid overload which can not be managed by drugs
2) Hyperkalemia or electrolyte abnormalities which can't be treated by drugs
3) Severe acidosis which can't be treated by drugs

Last year during a conference I attended they updated with levels of urea(>200),and creatinine (>7) should be considered as an indication for dialysis,this is proposed but not confirmed as of now.

All the above are for chronic kidney disease,there are another 2 for acute failure
1) Sudden poisoning and raised metabolic acidosis
2) Sudden raised urea which leads to uremic encephalopathy

However main aspect of ckd (renal failure) is to treat the cause of renal failure and giving supportive treatment for function performed by kidney.
Now you will have to give me or send me all the reports or details about your blood test,ultrasound only then something can be commented .
However you come under the fourth indication of chronic failure so one aspect says that you should go,but yet that indication has not been proved scientifically.

Feel free to ask further questions

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Dear patient While playing football , you have injured your meniscus of your right knee joint.Twisting of knee causes this type of injury.Meniscus is a structure found in knees. it acts as a shock absorber. It helps in gliding of knee joint. apply ice packs to your knee , take a painkiller such as diclofenac and consult a orthopaedic surgeon . A MRI will be also required to ascertain the degree of injury. ...
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Dear Mrs xyz Firstly you need to tell me whether you have conceived on your own or after taking medications( asissted conception) Secondly,you need to tell me how much weight you have gained in the last 2 month. Your obstetrician has rightly advised you against gaining too much of weight in this pregnancy.It is not advised that you lose weight in this pregnancy or follow any such diet which leads to weight loss. Obesity leads to chances of early miscarriage,preterm labour,baby growing too big o ...
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homeopathic tratment to reduce creatinine level

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stenosis on which side? ...
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My wife just fell backwards and her back (right side, midway up the back) landed against a hard wood chair corner. She is in severe pain and thinks she may have broken a rib. What should we do?

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Hi, Her age ladies are prone to fractures. Get an x-ray chest a-p view and may be if she has pain you may also get an l-p spine x-ray. Give her a pain killer(nsaid group),hot fermentation and a muscle relaxant. You may also show her to a surgeon along with x-ray if she has pain in her chest or rib area. Feel free to ask more questions ...
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provide me proper treatment to reduce my blood urea and creatinine

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Hi, The only thing you have told me is that you have raised urea and creatinine and levels which are alarming for your age and you also told that you are a diabetic taking insulin. There are a number of causes of raised urea and creatinine (but since you told me just about your diabetic status so I have no other option except to take it that you are having renal failure due to diabetes) Rest try and follow following things to manage cardiovascular disease risk factors such as: 1. Avoid smok ...
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