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Dear Sir/Madam, I have had intercourse with my boyfriend 5 months back and had abortion pills by consulting a Doctor online. Now my problem is im getting married next month and scare with all these problems because my boyfriend is no more with me he had left me and my parents have fixed my marriage dates to some other person im in a critical situation to handle all the problems. I cant tel my partner that i had intercourse I had abortion pills so is there any problem in getting pregnant again or not I have not gone for any kind of checkup as off now I have itching in my vaginal area. I dont no its due to (wetness in the area or white discharge or any infection coz im using a common toilet in college) My white discharge is white in color and not in any other color. its in liquid form.. It comes 5 to 6 drops a day or sometimes may be little bit more or little.... Please help me out with all the questions i have been worrying about. My mind is totally upset due to all this problems. I need to go for a checkup but im scare to go for a checkup can you please suggest a doctor in Coimbatore,TamilNadu

Hi! The only blood test that can show whether you are pregnant or the previous abortion was an incomplete one is a serum beta hcg -this checks the hormone for pregnancy in the blood.If less than 5 ,then pregnancy is negative. A normal gynae check up can reveal past pregnancy only if earlier pregnancy led to an incomplete abortion which can be made out by an ultrasonogram of the pelvis or the serum beta hcg.Otherwise no doctor can make out whether you were pregnant in the past and have taken abor ...

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Hello, I began my period on Monday and I feel as though i have an abrasion on the right side of my vaginal opening. Yesterday, removing a tampon was uncomfortable, but today the pain was nearly unbearable. I also began experiencing UTI symptoms yesterday (urge to pee, pain in urethra and bladder at the end of urine stream). I was recently on antibiotics for a sinus infection and took my last pill on Monday. I've also been tested for STDs within the last year and have had the same sex partner. My hubby and I did have rough sex on Sunday but I felt fine and I urinated as normal. Could the antibiotics have given me a uti? What do you think about the scratched feeling? I'm getting worried.

HI, Abrasion,or may be a scratchy feeling that you are having can have many causes out of which 1)Having rough sex is amongst the common causes 2)If you had sex before actually your vagina was wet(then causing an injury is relatively easy),you might not have been aroused properly 3)UTI itself is among the common causes giving you such a feel. I don't think that you may have had UTI because of any antibiotic,but if you have too less water during antibiotic course and antibiotic taken is a he ...

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Hello Doc, My periods delayed by 7 days, so i took a pregnancy test using the kit available in the market. It showed C and T lines to be pink confirming pregnancy. But as I was not in a shape to have a baby, I took two pills of regulin forte to abort it. After three days, I had heavy vaginal discharge for half an hour and then it stopped completely.Now after 7 days I undertook the same test again, this time C was dark pink and T was pale pink.. what should I do now. kindly advice.

Hi!! The pregnancy test can remain positive for uptil 2 weeks after an abortion. To rule out if pregnancy is completely aborted or not,so please get a serum beta hcg test done.This is a blood test that that checks the same hormone of pregnancy in the blood that the urine test checks. A beta hcg test is done in all laboratories and the results are usually available after few hours. The beta hcg test in serum( blood) if more than 5 indicates pregnancy,so maybe your pregnancy is not completely abor ...

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My father aged 78 years is stroke patient for last 5 years. Presently he is on catheter(Urology). Presently i feel because of this catheter he has contracted infection. I am giving him CIPLOX-500 MG for past one day. I hope the infection subsides.If any other medicine(available in India) or care i can take so that he does not get infection.

Indwelling catheter is a risk factor for UTI. But better to get urine culture and sensitivity before starting on antibiotics. As you had already started on antibiotics continue it for a total duration of 7 days, repeat urine for pus cells & if it is decreased then it is fine. otherwise need to check cultures 48 hours after stopping antibiotics ...

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Hello I have a 2 years old girl, she had a cough and a runny nose for 3 days now. I was giving her a cough syrup and vibrocil nasal drops. The doctor checked her today and said that she have ear infection and through infection, her voice is very weak ! You can hardly hear her. He prescribed an antibiotic for 7 days. I never gave her any. But he said since she has ear infection you must give her. Any recommendation ?

If your doctor feels that there is an ear infection then he is right in prescribing antibiotics. Continue with saline nasal drops 2 hourly and start the antibiotics. If there is Otitis media( infection in the middle ear) she must be promptly treated. Recurrent Otitis media can lead to hearing loss. ...

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Sir i am 25 years old and and take protein supplements as i go to the gym i take around 50grm of artificial protine daily in 2 times. Last night i faced severe stomach ace and loose motions i was doubtful about stomach infection and liver infection as the lft report my S bilirubin total is 0.95 mg/dl S bilirubin (conjugated) is 0.33 mg/dl which is marked high S bilirubin (unconjugated) is 0.61 I do understand taking protine is dangerous but is this a serious issue and what is the cure Thank you

dear Siddarth your bilirubin reports are normal no need to worry ,take wholesome natural foods which will have good fiber and other vitamins and minerals , the food supplements lack fiber thus leading to digestive problems leading to constipation and infection ,take supplements only for short term,add other natural foods to it dont take solely supplements ...

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My boyfriend uses trimovate cream for his urine infection and recommend it to me as i am a girl Can this trimovate cream help for vagina urine infection ?

No, it is for external use and used for skin infection only. It contains a synthetic steroid and 2 antibiotics for local use. Consult a doctor ...

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