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I had a fall 6 months ago . Broke some cartage in my knee. My knee does a fast give out when I am walking. dont know what it is. Now I got told i have tendonitis of the ankle. It is so pain full. What is causing this and what can be done to help me. The doctor said I will some day need knee surgery and foot surgery to fuse all my bone toes together. He does not know why my knee on the out side gives a fast snap and gives out. Hop you can help me. Thank you Candie

The Changes seen in your musculoskeletal system are age related symptoms, Cartilage are Outer lining of the bones which in your case as you say, its broken, please understand, Cartilage cannot be regrown naturally as other tissue in the body. The knee give out fast, because your whole body weight is been carried by the weak knees while you walk, this in turn could lead to impaired gait cycle which ultimately result in pain in ankle causing tendonitis. if you take proper medication / physical a ...

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i need an extraction but they cant do it if my blood sugar is high,i am on medication for my liver and steriod for my mouth i recently have developed ulcers in my mouth next my wisdom tooth and is very painfull ,

Dear Patient Blood sugar is also related to stress levels so please try to relax and add multi vitamins containing Folic acid along with hexidine or Betadine mouth washes initially 2 times a day 1/2 an hour for a minute after meals for five days and then at night only ...

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I am healthy.problem is with my nerve which is attached to forehead of panis in the down side. When i am doing sex and try yo insert full panis in vagina then it's have little pain. I looked and find it has little yellow stuff inside the nerve. As normal , it's not paining even i touch or press or little stretched the skin from forehead but when i do enough stretched its little pain. Still i can do sex with little pain when fully insert. Please advice medicine name so i can take.

Hi, I don't think it should be some thing serious and usually there should be nothing like what you are describing, and it is actually very difficult to say without having a look at it.(you may upload a photo) Do you have any kind of discharge from penis do you have any pain Is there any burning micturition If you have any of the above symptoms then kindly visit a doctor( genral surgeon) nearby. ...

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hi. am a dentist.i was 120 kgs before 5 years. currently am weighing 85kgs. and my height is 173 cms. i wash i need to be 70 kgs. but it seems it will take a longer time for me . may i know the approx cost of full body liposuction in coimbatore hospitals?

Hi, There are a number of procedures which you can do for liposuction and that will depend on the part of body where fat is more(tummy and trunk,outer breast,hips,thighs,outer arms) and the procedure which will be selected on how you can be given the best aesthtic looks. However liposuction is still recomended for morbidly obese or very fat people with complications and you seem to have lost most of your weight and now looking at your height your bmi seems to come under overweight and not obese ...

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My mouth tastes like sewer in a part of my mouth even after I brush my teeth and I have braces if that helps why is this happening ?

Dear Patient With braces it takes quite an effort to keep the mouth clean. You are not able to keep meticulous hygiene. Visit a chemist/medical store and have ortho brushes, special brushes to clean the mouth with oral braces. At night after food and before sleep you have to brush and use hexidine or oral anti plaques mouth rinses. If they don't work then contact your Orthodontist. ...

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