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Dear Sir/Madam, I have had intercourse with my boyfriend 5 months back and had abortion pills by consulting a Doctor online. Now my problem is im getting married next month and scare with all these problems because my boyfriend is no more with me he had left me and my parents have fixed my marriage dates to some other person im in a critical situation to handle all the problems. I cant tel my partner that i had intercourse I had abortion pills so is there any problem in getting pregnant again or not I have not gone for any kind of checkup as off now I have itching in my vaginal area. I dont no its due to (wetness in the area or white discharge or any infection coz im using a common toilet in college) My white discharge is white in color and not in any other color. its in liquid form.. It comes 5 to 6 drops a day or sometimes may be little bit more or little.... Please help me out with all the questions i have been worrying about. My mind is totally upset due to all this problems. I need to go for a checkup but im scare to go for a checkup can you please suggest a doctor in Coimbatore,TamilNadu

Hi! The only blood test that can show whether you are pregnant or the previous abortion was an incomplete one is a serum beta hcg -this checks the hormone for pregnancy in the blood.If less than 5 ,then pregnancy is negative. A normal gynae check up can reveal past pregnancy only if earlier pregnancy led to an incomplete abortion which can be made out by an ultrasonogram of the pelvis or the serum beta hcg.Otherwise no doctor can make out whether you were pregnant in the past and have taken abor ...

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Hi I'm Emmanuel from India, I'm actually a white but due taking wrong medicines and creams going to the wrong Doctors My Skin has become dark, I'm looking for some thing which can restore my skin complexion.

Hi, You have a fair complexion as i saw on your face book photos, a lot of it depends what medicine did you have which changed your skin color because it might be some kind of allergy. Which drug caused allergy ? How fast did it happen ? Do you have any other symptom except for skin darkening Does it appear at more than one place and at what are the places If you have any kind of allergy then calamine lotion might be of help but it is difficult to comment without looking at at spots or may be w ...

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I underwent laminectomy for d12- l1 region because of a fall from second floor and its been 2 and half years now. I cannot stay in stting or standing position for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a strech. Now recently I`m getting pain as while I try to bend and rise. Please let me if any thing went wrong in the operated part. I have two rods and four screws inserted.

Hi, If the pain has been there continuously just after the procedure then you should have visited the hospital you got your treatment,that's fine you did not want to spend money but still at least you should have known what is the problem behind this. Indian government provides free medical care to all and review any government hospital and at least they will know what is the problem behind your pain and their are institutes which have tests like mri at very less price or at discounted prices ...

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i do masturbation for 2 years semen or sperm leaking in every 3 days ,when penis 5% works leaking , thinking, seeing blue films leaking, now i did not doing any wrong, down stomach pain, vomiting,unable to concentrate,mind disorder,stress full, no strength store in body,joint paint , testortone one ball up and one down, eye power low,spinal cord pain, body ,back pain,high pressure of this effects ? give me treatment to cure this completely

Hi, There are no tablets to control masturbation and it is a normal process doing it once in 3-4 days is ok,just stop watching blue films and avoid sexual thought in your might continously.You may try to read books may be spirutual books and may also try regular yoga this will help you to keep your thought process clean and keep yourself busy in activities of your interest. I did not understand your point about when penis 5 % ? All the symptoms you described are not because of masturbation,they ...

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I have severe knee pain after my csection. The Dr said it was the anesthesia and it would go away. Well 3 years later I'm still in pain. My knees lock, swell go numb and sometimes I can't bend them. What's wrong?

Please get investigated for Vit D deficiency, and inflammatory arthritis of the knees like rheumatoid arthritis. A MRI of the knee would also be in order. ...

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is there anything wrong if i didnt give my newborn ampiclox?

No if your newborn baby is fine no need to give any antibiotics. ...

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Im 24 it been a month suffering from anxiety i've been having ongoing pain in my chest now it spreading up to my throat i can feel it when i swallow,i have a big painful hard lump under my chin,my tungue is slippery and painful when it something.what is wrong with me?

Hi thah, this is really an irritating problem I understand. The lump you are talking about, have multiple differential diagnosis. You need to have it examined by a physician and treated accordingly. Go to a doctor as early as possible. Thanks ...

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For 8 days, I had a smear of blood on toilet paper from vagina, the 2nd day of this I had a pap smear which returned satisfactory, what could be wrong?

As ur repost says satisfactory and u have been examined by gynecologist, so no need to worry. It is likely to be from hormonal imbalance, which is mostly temporary. ...

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