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i am 18 years old & have irregular periods . generally it is missed by 1 month. i have this problem since lats 2 yrs . i had been through thyroid test too but report is normal . i am on ayurvedic medication . i am taking dashmularisht & rajpravartani vati 2 times a day.. please suggest me what should i do which precautions should i take & which exercises to perform. will i have any pregnancy problem in future with irregular periods ?

Menstrual problem r because of lot of reasons like metabolic harmonal endocrine infections psychological nutritional etc u need correct diagnosis for ur problem then treatment becomes easy.u need combination therapy like medicine exercise diet yoga meditatition nutritional suppliment .I need ur detailed history investigation and previous medications. I have very good ayurvedic medicines for ur problem. no side effects. for more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three ...

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I was suffering from pcos problem, im married 3years back... consulted doctor 5 months back and she suggested me tablets Folivite MB 1daily, Obimet 2daily, CCQ 100mg for 3rd to 7th day of my periods, Evatone for 1st to 14th day of my periods, Duphaston for 16th to 25th day of my periods.. Can u tell me the uses of this tablets.. My periods are also normal for past 4 months after taking tablets, can i get pregnant with this tablets??

Folvite is folic acid for the neural tube development of the baby in case you get pregnant. Obimet is to help with insulin sensitivity, since insulin reistance is one of the pathologies of PCOS. CCQ10 is anti-oxdant which will help with ovulation. Evatone is used to thicken and prime the endometrium where the baby can attach. Duphaston is for hormonal support and also used to regulate your menstruation. Definitely all these medicines are will help you get pregnant. You and your doctor are on th ...

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I am 21 . I am having irregular periods. I started with evecare and my periods became regular. This month after taking 2 tablets of evecare for past 2 months i did not get my periods..may I know why

Hi there..... Evecare is composed of different herbal product with no proven therapeutic benefits. It is best to consult a gynecologist so she can prescribe more effective medication to regulate your menstruation. ...

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I have irregular comes once in a 3 months or sometimes once in a 6 planning for a baby...due to my irregular periods it is not possible...plzzz suggest me medicine

Hi there. Don't worry. You still have chance to get pregnant. But you have to be seen by your gynecologist to determine the cause of your abnormal menstrual pattern. Depending on the findings, your doctor will be able to prescribe proper medicine. ...

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I am married. I usually get my periods late. So after marriage I went to doctor for irregular period. She gave me Normoz tablet to have it for 3months. After taking this tablet for 1month i am not having my periods. its being two month I am not having period. I took Deviry tablet also for 3dayz and its being 10 days but still I am not getting my period. Shall I take any other medicine to have my periods. Please help. Also I want to conceive. What should I do for this

Hi there. Probably you should go back to your gynecologist to work you Up completely. I will request for a transvaginal ultrasound to check for hormonal imbalance. Your OB might want to check for your thyroid function, prolactin levels, blood sugar and Follicle stimulating hormone. Any abnormality in those would cause abnormal menstruation and infertility. ...

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Hi, I have irregular periods due to pcod and I am facing difficulties to conceive, every two months once I am getting periods and the bleeding is continuing many days means until I get medicine support to control it's continuing,my pelvic scan was normal except MSF in both ovaries and thyroid is normal and I had imbalance b/w FSH and LH hormone so kindly suggest me what treatment I can take to regularize my periods and to conceive,I got married 4years back,I am not conceived yet

First of all, You need to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist with specialty in infertility, there are other things to consider besides the FSH and LH. We need the other data also like if your fallopian tubes are blocked or not. One of the most important factors also to consider is the sperm count and quality of your husband. ...

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