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Dear Sir, I had my last period on November 10, 2012. Thinking that i am pregnant i had taken following tablets Mifepristone 600MG and Misoprostol 200 MG on December 30 2012. Later i have tested my pregnancy twice and i got negative result. So i am not pregnant, but till no periods from 4 months. I am worried. Please advice. Regards, Shilpa

Hi, What problem are you having right now except for missing perio? You could have attached your urinary reports on the site,do you have some problems with your urine right now(any burning in urine or discharge along with urine or any discharge per vaginal,if yes whether it is foul smelling,what colour,and how much in quantity but about right now and not about november. i told you about November. To tell you further examination and tests are necessary and you need to tell a little more to m ...

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what can cause hcg level to rise apart from pregnancy? i have missed period for only 2 days. Because of my curiosity, i brought two home pregnancy test kits and checked. when i checked for first time with I-CAN kit, i got faint pink line. I was happy that i was pregnant. The very next day, when i checked with APOLLO kit for confirmation, i got nothing. Im really in the state of confusion. Am i really pregnant or what?

Hi, Just wait for a few days, do it on seventh day of missing your periods,although some test kits are very good and they even would tell or give positive result on second day of you missing your periods,but still you can wait for a few more days to get confirmatory results. Do it on 7th day. Other causes of raised hcg are usually not so common. ...

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I am 7 weeks pregnant and have taken meprate 10 mg for 5 days thrice daily thinking I am suffering from PCOS. I didn't have my periods since nov'12. I did an ultrasound and everything is normal in that. I didn't got bleeding as well since I was pregnant. I am hearing mixed opinions about side effects of meprate on foetus. Can you suggest, can I go ahead with my pregnancy, is there an complications attached...

Hi!! Meprate ( medroxyprogesterome acetate) is safe if taken accidentally in pregnancy.It is norethindrone( norethisterone ) that has harmful effects of genital organs of the female fetus. Also,fetal genital organs are affected between 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. There is no method to know that fetus does not have any congenital malformations.Even ultrasound cannot pick up many congenital malformations which may be due to various reasons ...

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I am 7.4 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound shows 13 mm embryo and 30 mm gestational sac. According to the GS, i am 8 weeks pregnant, that is impossible. I was told that the GS measurements can vary and the most accurate wayto determine gestational age is embryo size. I would appreciate your advice, thanks.

I don’t think this is impossible. This is just a simple case of misinterpretation of pregnancy aging. When obstetricians date pregnancy, we don’t count from the day the intercourse happened. We date from the 1st day of mentruation. And, discrepancy from the ultrasound and menstrual counting is normal. It is very hard for it to be 100 percent match. As long as the discrepancy is less than one week, this is ok. ...

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A month after I got vaccinated for MMR I found out I was pregnant. Will my baby be ok.. I'm 7mos pregnant now.

Hi there. Unfortunately, we can’t be certain if your baby has not been affected by the MMR vaccine. But looking at the brighter side, there are lots of pregnant patient that have been administered or ave taken drugs that are prohibited in pregnancy, but delivers to a healthy baby anyway> Will be praying for a healthy baby for you. GodBless. ...

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