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hello sir.i had my last sex with my husband on august 10th and i had periods in september and period date is october 4th..i dint get periods in november and this there any possibility of getting pregnancy?can i use mensovit plus for getting periods?please reply..

Hi, As you told me your history about sex with your husband and about your periods, it is very difficult that you got pregnant because the maximum life of a sperm inside the female genitalia is maximum of 7 days which happen during ovulation time. Although the time when you had sex was in an unsafe time (the time you could have got pregnant) and you already had your period after that twice, it is extremely rare that you might have been pregnant. But still just to confirm that you don't have ...

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my g.f is 26 yr old,her periods comes on 5th date ,after sex at 3 rd feb ,she take a tablet of unwanted 72 then check home pregnency test it is negative and after 1month and 10 days there is no any symptomps of pregnency and home pregnency result will also be negative bt there is problem her periods had not come after 1month and 10 days..?,my g.f consult a gyno-bt without any checkup she gives a dose of mifepristone and mesoprostal ..after taken these medicine periods has not come...what can we do?

Hi, There were a certain points which were a little unclear,how many times was urine pregnancy test negative and when. After how many days was it done importantly and when was it done last(date of urine pregnancy test). If urine pregnancy test is negative then there is no point why any gynaec would prescribe you mifepristone. The drug prescribed should not have been prescribed to you at least without confirming pregnancy by a urine pregnancy test and an ultrasound. The drug mifepristone is ef ...

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My periods came on 12 March 2013 and had sex with my husband on 19th March 2013 and after two hours I took I-Pill and on 23rd March 2013, got bleedings but not as heavy as in periods and it remained till 25th March 2013, after that I didn't got my periods till date i.e. 7th May 2013. I am very worried as don't want to get pregnant right now. What should I do?

Hi, Since you have already missed your periods once in april and you did not mention anything about may kindly mention about that also. Now you have to do a urine pregnancy test first to confirm if there is any pregnancy or not. If it comes out to be positive then we have both medical and surgical options to abort pregnancy. Urine pregnancy test can be negative also,drugs like emergency contraceptive are know to delay periods and that can happen normally also but you will have to confirm with u ...

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My g.f missed her periods by on day. we met last month just 3 days after her periods.I used condoms.but sh did'nt have periods yet.

Hi, You mean to say 24 midnight may to 29 may. Do the urine pregnancy test on 29 th june,so that it gives confirmatory result to you. ...

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i m married,23 yr old women.after marriage my periods get delayed....i have to take medications for weight is 55 i want to conceive....but my periods is delayed again....plz tell me to conceive as soon as possible....

Periods irregularities such as delayed periods are main constrains for conception.In order to get rid of these problems Ayurveda medicines are very effective and safe too.These are safe compared to hormone based medicines. I suggest you to use Tab.Rajapravartani vati 2 tab twice daily till you get cycle. ...

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I was suffering from pcos problem, im married 3years back... consulted doctor 5 months back and she suggested me tablets Folivite MB 1daily, Obimet 2daily, CCQ 100mg for 3rd to 7th day of my periods, Evatone for 1st to 14th day of my periods, Duphaston for 16th to 25th day of my periods.. Can u tell me the uses of this tablets.. My periods are also normal for past 4 months after taking tablets, can i get pregnant with this tablets??

Folvite is folic acid for the neural tube development of the baby in case you get pregnant. Obimet is to help with insulin sensitivity, since insulin reistance is one of the pathologies of PCOS. CCQ10 is anti-oxdant which will help with ovulation. Evatone is used to thicken and prime the endometrium where the baby can attach. Duphaston is for hormonal support and also used to regulate your menstruation. Definitely all these medicines are will help you get pregnant. You and your doctor are on th ...

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