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i got sonography test which shows lever size enlarged by 3.3cm. later blood test for LFT showed Sl. No TEST RESULT NORMAL VALUE 01 G.G.T.P. 21.13 IU/L 08-37 IU/L 02 S.BILIRUBIN TOTAL 0.92 mg/dl 0-1.2 mg/dl 03 S.BILIRUBIN DIRECT 0.43 mg/dl 0-0.3 mg/dl 04 S.BILIRUBIN INDIRECT 0.49 mg/dl 0-0.9 mg/dl 05 S.G.O.T. 51.51 U/L 08-40 U/L 06 S.G.P.T. 94.11 U/L 05-35 U/L 07 S.ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 355.1 IU/L 98-279 IU/L test no 3,5,6and 7 are showing increased valuess........any best solution to control them

Hi, Most probably you are suffering from fatty liver changes. Discontinuing drinking alcohol or cutting way back potentially can allow your liver to return to normal but it will take atleast 4 weeks. However , many people who suffer from enlarged liver don't drink too much, and need to look for diet low in what's called high glycaemic index.You should focus your diets around fresh, preferably raw fruits and vegetables, along with home made juices, and to purge your diets of all simple carboh ...

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I am suffering from the nerve pain in my Gums. after eating or drinking any thing there is a sever pain in gums.

Whenever you speak about pain, you need to give detailed description, about location, intensity, aggravating factor and relieving factor. Give an account of your medical history. ...

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i am feeling so tired, and cough continued from last 6 month, not able to sleep, and feeling Stress, such as severe emotional and physical stress, and having joint pain also. we done this medical test (thoras cat scan, cbc, xray, tb test, urine test, split test, ecg and many more.

Hopes For you Visit Us at---> Hopes for you. We will try to solve your problem without medicines only with latest psychological therapies . We have nos of clients like you. Pl see feedback given by Clients. ...

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Hello Doc, My periods delayed by 7 days, so i took a pregnancy test using the kit available in the market. It showed C and T lines to be pink confirming pregnancy. But as I was not in a shape to have a baby, I took two pills of regulin forte to abort it. After three days, I had heavy vaginal discharge for half an hour and then it stopped completely.Now after 7 days I undertook the same test again, this time C was dark pink and T was pale pink.. what should I do now. kindly advice.

Hi!! The pregnancy test can remain positive for uptil 2 weeks after an abortion. To rule out if pregnancy is completely aborted or not,so please get a serum beta hcg test done.This is a blood test that that checks the same hormone of pregnancy in the blood that the urine test checks. A beta hcg test is done in all laboratories and the results are usually available after few hours. The beta hcg test in serum( blood) if more than 5 indicates pregnancy,so maybe your pregnancy is not completely abor ...

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I've been recommended to have a wisdom tooth pulled because it has long roots and is near a nerve (and artery?). I'm living in South Korea so it's hard to understand exactly whats up. If this is the case, is this an emergency or could I wait 6 months until I'm back in the USA to clear it up.

Hello there, First of all let me assure you that whenever any doctor inspects a patient, he or she will usualy recommends a procedure which is in the best interest of the patient on a longer run, this is also known as an ethical approach & practice(This totally depends on the doctors practice, individually). Secondly as you have mentioned there is no pain in the wisdom tooth, there may not be an immediate nerve involvement for that tooth but there is a certain possibility ...

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