I have had wisdom tooth issues
  I have had wisdom tooth issues

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I have had wisdom tooth issues for the last few years. For the second time this year I am experiencing a "locking" of the jaw. My two wisdom teeth are laying sideways instead of straight up, and they both have cracked and broken exposing the nerve. I can barely open my mouth more than an inch, can't fit a fork in there, can't yawn. It hurts. I do not have dental insurance and want to know if I go to the ER can they at least give me an antibiotic or something to alleviate the pain. It is the weekend, and Tuesday is Christmas so my primary care doctor is closed.

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sorry to know about your condition go get an OPG done for emergency pain relieve get an antibiotic injection,pain killer injection like Dynapar AQ &HAVE SOME TAB OF MUSCLE RELAXANT LIKE Mobiwok plus you have to get them remover asap.

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I am a 32 years female with a severe tooth ache in my jaw which increases in the night. I know there seems to be a cavity in one of my tooth. What exactly needs to be done for me to get relief from my pain & what will the whole procedure be like ?? Thanks

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Hello , The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to consult a good dentist, perhaps in the your near vicinity. You must have regular checkups every six months for prevention of such problems later on, this is an international protocol followed everywhere. Next, what I do get from your symptoms is that you have something’s known as a nerve exposure of a particular tooth (or sometimes set of teeth). The only treatment left to save teeth like these is Root Canal Treatment. Now i ...
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I am a mother of a young child aged 5years who is having a discomfort in one of his teeth and also a noticeable swelling on his gum and a small amount of yellow discharge occasionally from it. He also seems to have a couple of tooth decays. What can be done at this tender age, and what can I expect from the dental treatment.

  Doctor's Answer

Hello there, firstly I would like to mention here is that there is no age limit in medical science as far as any of the treatments is concerned. Children like any grown adult need their teeth for the purpose of eating food, talking (speech), muscles support, esthetics & overall growth of the jaw. What I can understand from your query is that your child’s tooth infection has spreaded beyond the tooth structure and is having a periapical /periodontal abscess which has resulted in a swelling ...
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Hello i had my no 48 wisdom tooth removed on thursday morning and its been nearly 3 days now. What i wanted to know was i have noticed yesterday and today that the gum which had folded over the extraction site has receeded and left behind a thin white strand of tissue. is this a normal part of the healing process. I am not in any pain and have not smoked since the day of extraction (before). Also i know your advice will be to stop permanently but how long should i wait till i can smoke again

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The tissue tag should resolve in 7-14 days max. rinse with warm water (mix in salt) 3-5 times a day to help keep the wound clean. smoking is a personal choice. IF you truly have NOT smoked post extraction you may start now. ...
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I plan to wisdom tooth and dental implant at the same time in about a week. I'm taking Metoprolol SUCC - 25mg/day and Warfarin Sodium ~ 4mg/day. My cardiologist advises me to stop Warfarin three days before the procedures. What about Metoprolol SUCC?

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Hello Continue Metoprolol ...
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I had my lower impacted wisdom tooth removed 6 days ago under l/a had stitches in. I have been in pain since and it has not subsided but got worse the pain is unbareable and is a throbbing pain. I visited the dentist but she says it's not infected but the pain is in the jaw line And up my cheek. I am taking pain relief every four hours and it is still absolute agony please help....

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Infected wound is reason for pain.Visit your dentist & get the needful done. ...
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