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  I have had wisdom tooth issues

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I have had wisdom tooth issues for the last few years. For the second time this year I am experiencing a "locking" of the jaw. My two wisdom teeth are laying sideways instead of straight up, and they both have cracked and broken exposing the nerve. I can barely open my mouth more than an inch, can't fit a fork in there, can't yawn. It hurts. I do not have dental insurance and want to know if I go to the ER can they at least give me an antibiotic or something to alleviate the pain. It is the weekend, and Tuesday is Christmas so my primary care doctor is closed.

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sorry to know about your condition go get an OPG done for emergency pain relieve get an antibiotic injection,pain killer injection like Dynapar AQ &HAVE SOME TAB OF MUSCLE RELAXANT LIKE Mobiwok plus you have to get them remover asap.

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