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  Topics Head Neck Oncosurgery and Reconstruction

Head Neck Oncosurgery and Reconstruction

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I can feel a pulse in the left side of my head and it hurts. Since last week, when I reached orgasm as I masturbated, I was able to feel a pulse in my head. It occurred during orgasm and soon after my head started hurting and since then this pulsation in the left side of my head persists and it hurts. Also, last night as I went to sleep, I could tell parts of my head was going num.

Hi, No , migraine does not damage your brain or cognitive skills. You might go for having an nsaids for your pain in neck,a muscle relaxant and can also use a collar for that pain. If it increases a lot,you may visit an orthopaedician. Feel free to ask further questions. ...

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I constantly feel heaviness in the front & back of head with dizziness.. I also get pain on the right side of the head. My sleep is also disturbed & I get scary dreams. Kindly help as the heaviness & dizziness is not allowing me to lead a normal life. (I'm 18 weeks pregnant)

Hi, If you are a mouth breather and have chronic nose blockage or chronic pain at forehead or at maxilla(cheeks) most common sinus location then probably you have sinus congestion. These are all probabilities as I have not examined you and there can be multiple causes or else diagnosis once you have been examined. If you feel dizziness once you are moving your neck,or if you have pain or stiffness in moving the the shoulder or neck you might be having symptoms due to cervical spondylosis. Stif ...

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Sir I have some uneasyness on my left part of head and I have little pain on my left temple . I have already cervical spintolysis and whatay be the reason for uneasyness on left side. My left part of my neck also paining.

Hi, The common causes of unilateral headache are migraine,cluster headache, tension,trigeminal neuralgia,and temporal arteritis. However these headaches are more common in females but can also be seen in a male,cervical spondylitis itself can lead to headache unilaterally if you have strained your neck. Headache of migraine usually last for 24 hours You can also check for your eyesight if its been a while,do you have pain around eyes Do you have any medical illness? Do you have migraine? Are yo ...

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suffering from pain in neck, pain propagates from neck to shoulder joint. Please provide the solution to resolve this dam pain.

Hi, This can be due to wrong posture while working or it can be a normal physiological degenerative process. X-rays will help in definite diagnosis.Consult your orthopaedic surgeon.Feel free to ask any questions. ...

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My Mom has Pain in Half Head,Number of local doctors of Raipur said not any thing in head,but still head is paining ,why

Hi, Does she have symptoms on facing any strong light or may be sun light(as soon as goes out),or when she is hungry or any kind of stress. Also let me know about her menstural history or if she is suffering from any problem or if she is using any contraceptive or not ? Also ask her if she gets some sensation before having the headache that she is going to have one or not ? If she also has some nausea ? Is her headache pulsating kinds or does she feel any pulse or not ? She might be suffering ...

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want to know the doctor for hymen reconstruction & charges

Hi Patient, yes the hymen can be reconstructed with local tissues. Its usually done under sedation and local anaesthesia and you can go home the same day. Charges vary on where you are and who does it. At our center the cost would between 500-600 USD Thank you Dr.Surindher ...

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does all girls have hymen by birth? is it necessaary to have hymen intact till they get marrried.. coz i was involved in sport and playing activities a lot till i was 14-15.. i think it got ruptured. i have also heard that some girls dont have it at all.. hymen reconstruction takes how much time and money?

Usually, the hymen is present in the most girl, but it may get teared any time because of many reasons, sport is one of them. Hymenoplasty is daycare surgery, you can go home the same day after the procedure. It will cost around Rs 30000 at my clinic. ...

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