want to know the doctor for hy
  want to know the doctor for hy

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want to know the doctor for hymen reconstruction & charges

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Hi Patient,

yes the hymen can be reconstructed with local tissues. Its usually done under sedation and local anaesthesia and you can go home the same day.

Charges vary on where you are and who does it. At our center the cost would between 500-600 USD

Thank you

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I need expert opinion regarding "hymen repair with ayurvedic medicine" ...

  Doctor's Answer

For more information call or what's app me on this number ::nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. Thank u. ...
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Hi, I want go for mri scan for entire body.how much is the cost.I used get pain in the right side stomach suddenly,i went for colonoscopy but results came noraml.I generally i will goto washroom as soon as i took the food, it will happen at least once in a day like after breakfast or lucnh etc. once i fallen from bike after six months it happened i used get pain in right shoulder it will come and go.I used to throat infection frequently. from two years on wards i am suffering these kind of issues,i used go doctor they will antibiotics they will right some blood test it will come normal, i want to know where exactly my problem please suggest.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, You have written about multiple problems.Let us talk one by one. Regarding MRI whole body scan -it may cost approximately 10,000-15000/-rupees. Your upset stomach appears to be either a chronic bacterial or parasitic infection,which should respond well with adequate hygenic measures and short course of medication.Stress often known or hidden contributes in causing or worsening such symptoms. Aches and pains could be reflexion of an inadequately treated injury or associated anemia,vitami ...
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charges of removal of dental cyst in mumbai

  Doctor's Answer

Treatment for cysts differ depending upon the site and extent of the cyst . Accordingly the charges will be different depending upon the treatment needed and experience of the surgeon who performs the procedure . Please consult your dentist and he will be able to guide you regarding the type of treatment required and the subsequent charges . ...
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hello I want to quit smoking. i was addicted above 25yrs How many days i will have to be in the hospital ? charges ? Is spouse allowed ?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, You don't need to be in hospital for leaving smoking and can be done as an out pateint procedure and you just may have to visit the hospital from once weekly to once in two weeks. It is not an expensive procedure,at least not the amount of money you have spent on smoke till date. Visist a doctor first(psychiatrist) only then plan to quit it. Time taken is variable, how much time you take to respond to the drugs(nicotine gums can be precribed) and councelling. Yes you can take your spouse. ...
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i had lost my hymen last year with my boyfriend!!!! now i am getting marry with other guy!!!! he do want to know that i had lost my virginity!!! i have to like virgin what to do i need suggestions plz not surgery!!! i cant go to surgery suggest me creams r pills !!! frm which i can be virgin

  Doctor's Answer

Nothing can get back the ruptured hymen except Hymenoplasty (a type of surgery). ...
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