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I had Wysolone 20 Mg for 2 weeks in the year 1999 and till the date I am suffering from fluid retention, weight gain, Swelling in whole body specially on face , eyes, hands and feet and muscle weakness and facing weekness after periods as it is abnormal.

Hi, For swelling i would need kidney function test as well at least,so much bleeding can't be normal.I would recommend you to get a repeat ultrasound because this age is really prone for fibroid uterus.Even continuous discharge is not good and you should get your self examined for that by a gynecologist. Are you running any continuous fever ? How is the discharge,is it smelly,what color ? I am not sure why you have splenomegaly because you have not mentioned any point in your history which ind ...

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Hi I am 19 years old me nd my bf nva had sex before bt today he inserted his penis tip in my vagina sm fluid was getting discharged from his penis he wiped it by his hand and after some time he inserted his finger in my vagina vit d same hand bt his finger was dry and der was no fluid or sperm on it can I get pregnant ???? I took d ipill nd I dint get ny of its side effects like vomiting abdominal pain etc is dis normal

Hi, Yes you can get pregnant by a very less amount of penile secretion also which many people don't even notice the secretions are so less.Even if penis is not fully inserted and only tip is there inside the vagina even then you can get pregnant and you did mention about some secretion coming out of penis which he cleaned in the end so you can't take a risk and it is good that you have taken an emergency contraceptive,i hope with in 72 hours. It is not necessary that if the drug had mentioned ...

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I have a history of knee, fingers and back pain; and now acute and disabling shoulder pains that started 4 months ago, which doctors attribute to long-term radiation effects (due to breast cancer in 1985), and ageing. MRI indicated a tear of superior labrum & free fluid in subscapularis bursa. Your suggestions please.

a clinical evaluation is required. you need to visit a shoulder specialist in your age the pain might be because of other reasons also. the tear you mentioned is usually seen in athletes doing a lot of overhead throwing. so a clinical exam in required to see if it is significant. ...

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i have been sick for a week with fever and sore throat, now i have a fluid filled cyst in my throat, what is it?

May be Tonsilllar cyst . Rec tonsillitis attacks can also lead to peritonsillar abcess or quinsy. ...

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