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i am just 25 years old.My height is 169 cm&weight-72 kgslast 10 days back i checked my bp,it is 150/ lipid profile reports are normal,in ultrasound scanning liver was minute enlarged,i am taking stamlo beta for my hypertension,now can i use ayurveda medicines for hyprtension & liver enlargement.

Hi, Looking at your detail that you gave me, you seem to have a normal BMI (body mass index),and normal cholesterol levels which is a good thing. There can be many people who might have a slight or mildly enlarged liver that only means that you should have a little less on your cholesterol or oil in eating and may be alcohol if you ingest it. You can use ayurvedic drugs for your liver,but I wont say them for hypertension. Now a days many doctors prescribe diuretics as a first line of treatmen ...

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mild hypertension for 10 years. am on vinicor- am 25/2.5. take bp readings once in 3 months with a domestic monitor at home bp used to be 135/85 or thereabouts. last six months 145/85. wondering whether change medicine or dosage. advise

Hi, Try and monitor your blood pressure for a few days may be 7-10 days regularly. Monitor your b.p twice in a day, morning and evening. If your b.p is always above that 140 mark then your dosage might be changed. Otherwise b.p around 140 mark is considered good at that age ,other risk factors need to be assessed like your diabetic status and obesity but first of all you monitor your b.p for a few days regularly with your normal diet pattern (which should be low salt and oil intake) Feel free ...

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Given my medical history of Hypertension, anemia, and borderline diabetes, is it good to have a tbsp of sharkeferol tonic every night?

Hi, Unless you have micronutient deficiencies only then you can take them daily otherwise you should avoid to take them daily. For anemeia you take iron in syrup or tablet form. ...

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diltiact gel can used in angina/ hypertension through skin ? and on which part it apply?

Hi, Ditiact gel contains Diltiazem and generally used in treatment of anal fissures as a topical drug. Dilthiazem drug has antihypertensive (blood pressur lowering) and antianginal (angina relieving) effects, but by topical use in skin only its small part enters to ones blood stream, so you can't count and give the correct dose of drug and receive expected systemic effect. It's rather to take tablets or capsules of Diltiazem in angina or hypertension and of course in doses as has prescribed your ...

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Hi. I already asked a question before. I got reply for that and got expired. So i mentioned below my before question and reply:- Hi. i feel my nerves are weak. i'm 25 yrs old. My hands shake when i do some activities like when i take a tea cup my hands shake. When i'm drinking it slowly my hands shake. I feel very shy and afraid infront of everyone. I cant hold the pen and write normally as others do. I hold my pen very tight with my fingers and write. Then when i go in a bike, when i go in some speed i'm ok. When i go in a dead slow my hands shake. I feel more nervous when i stand in front of everyone. I also feel mild nerves pains in my legs and hands all the time. I'm about to marry in a year or two. I dont know why i get this. Is this occur due to i masturbate often? Is it curable? Can i get my nerves strong and hands without shaking? I'm not able to tell this to my parents. I'm very much afraid of this sir. Pls help me.. Reply for this:- Hi, First of all would like to clarify that it is not due to masturbation , it depends upon the cause whether it is curable or not. Do you feel any kind of numbness or any kind paresthesia in your hands or legs. Since how long are you having this problem and also describe in detail whether you are facing any other symptom or not and whether it was all of a sudden or the symptoms you are facing devloped gradually. Any problem in urine or dafecation ? Any history of trauma and is this pain bilateral or unilateral ? Any history of hypertension and diabetes ? You can get serum electrolyte level and vitamin d3 levels chceked in blood right now and also give me the awnser to above queries i asked you and then will let you know whether any other investigation is required or not. Would recomend you to have plenty of water and high protein diet and also one tablet of neurokind plus daily. My reply:- Yes i feel kind of parasthesia in my hands and legs. Actually i want to share a thing. I had laser surgery for my eyes before 2 years. That time doctor said my nerves are somewhat weak. May be its a family gene problem which could've occured for any others in your family. Anyway its not a problem for this surgery and they done it. I too okay with my eyes. As doctor said generally i feel nervous often. But last 6 months i feel kind of tickling or tingling in my hands and legs. I feel some like burning in my leg limbs. Others say all this occurs due to over masturbation. Help me..

Hi, Yes that much is ok no problems. ...

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Dear sir, suffering rhematoid arthatitis for last 6 years. 3 years ago hypothyroidism involved me and suffering tachycardia.By the test of HRCT interestitial lung disease,pulmonary hypertension . doctor also noticed Raynauld,s phenomena.How will I cure for sufferings?

Hi I am dr alok, rheumatologist from delhi I am sorry that you are suffering from his problem All of your `problems are the complication of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Unfortunately RA, raynauds pulmonary hypertension and interstitial lung disease are uncurable but these are well managable by a trained doctor you need to see a trained rheumatologist there as soon as possible. ...

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i m 28 and was suffering for hypertension one month ago....lipid profile was normal....ecg reports was minor left angle deviation....dr said it is not much important.....dr prescribed me omesartan 1 tab my bp is normal.....but some times i feel very little congestion while breathing....plz suggest something

Hi, it would be reasonable to perform stress testing to evaluate your breathing preblem. It has about 60-80% accuracy in your case, but if you be able to overcome high distances, that'll mean there's very low probability your symptoms related to heart. Be healthy. ...

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