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do growth hormone injections really help you grow taller and how safe is it?

Hi, Growth hormone injection really help you but will help you only till your epipyhsis has not fused and growth is not complete. In females usually the epiphysis are usually fused before the period are started so it may be of no help to her(your sister) or may be of very little help to you. Growth hormone makes you prone to hypertension and fluid retention. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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my age is 22. can my hight be increase by any hormone replacement therapy? if yes then what will be the cost?

Hi, Yes you can increase height,but the amount benefit you get will be dependent whether you are deficient of hormone which increases height(growth hormone). If yes then then benefit would be good and if no then the benefit would be less. Growth hormone single shot costs somewhere around 700-1000 rs and how long treatment is given would be dependent on your tests . ...

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sir, my weight is 55 kg and my height is 178 cm .wight is not increase pleas an advice in modern medicine like hormone and steroid.i also take much more alternative medicine

I will not recommend steroids or any other altenative medications to gain wt, because all those are hazardous. Taking 3-4 meals, regular sleep and exercise is all that is required. Chart out the daily food consumed and calculate the calories, step up the calories slowly by 10% every 1-2 week. ********** calories with 50 gm of Proteins to be consumed depending upon your sedentary or working lifestyle. Avoid tobacco/alcohol. ...

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Hello Sir, My name is Sheetal Mansinghka, mother of Siddh Mansinghka (DOB 29/11/2008). We are currently in Dearborn, Detroit, United States. We got your reference from a friend over here who is from Delhi. We had a few questions regarding our child Siddh, let me start with giving a brief history about him. He was a pre-term baby born at the 8th month and his birth weight was 1.854 Kg. Since I have a medical condition I was on medication during the time he was born, I could not give him my milk and he was totally on top feed (formula milk) all throughout. Since he was 9 months which is when he had his first attack of “Croup”, he was after that for a year in and out of hospital for frequent “Croup” attacks. The frequency would be around 4-5 times a year. When he was around 3 years he had pneumonia as well. we were living in dubai then. We moved to india when he was around 3.50 years old, he was on homeopathic treatment for around 1.50 years during which time he had a croup attack just once. Once the homeopathic treatment was stopped the croup reoccur, and he continues to have this croup attack even now. Since he is grown up now the severity of the attacks is low and it is not serious anymore as it used to be when he 1 to 4 years. He usually recovers with once a day dose of “prednisolone” for 3 days. When we were in india last year in Chennai the pediatrician suggested us to see an ENT which we showed him to and who diagnosed him with “Laryngomalacia”. He said he will grow out of it around 8 years of age. The pediatrician at Fortis Chennai hospital asked us to basically give our child time and asked us to leave him alone and not go in for too many treatments for him. He said he will outgrow his issues with age. Another issue with him is that he is short in height and also weighs less. His height currently is 100 cm. and weight is 15.4 Kgs. The doctor over here i.e. Dr. Fratterrelli at Oakwood hospital took a wrist x-ray of his and he thinks that his age per the bones is around 3.50 years. He has referred us to an endocrinologist practicing at Beaumont hospital here. The endocrinologist got the blood tests done which we were told were normal and he has now scheduled us for a “Growth stimulation test” to be done for my son. We wanted to consult you and get your opinion on: a) Should we go for the growth hormone stimulation test? b) How can we help our son outgrow all these issues and help him grow fast? His growth is relatively slow. c) What should we do so that he lives a normal life in the future since he was not on breast feed as a child and which we are told can cause issues in the future? Sir, please let us know if it’s possible to talk over the phone and can we reach out to you for help in future. We will be here for another 6 months and will be returning to India based in Chennai. Till then, if you can let us know what should be the line of treatment or what else can we do to help him grow, we will start implementing it right away. Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Sheetal

Not being breastfed is not a cause of all these problems,so you can relax and not worry about far as laryngoscopes malaria is concerned,he will definitely outgrow can go for growth hormone stimulation test,provided it is done under strict supervision of a pediatrician and assuming that they have already done,thyroid growth hormone levels and vit d levels and they are normal ...

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I have issues with hormone balances/thyroid and weight. This is causing premature hair loss and other issues. I need to re-balance the doshas.

Hi park av hypothyroidism is leading cause of obesity and hair fall problems it affected metabolism and each cell of system. Even might have mood swings fatigue menstrual abnormalities osteoporosis etc. I have seen that even thyroxine harmone normal after treatment patients have no improvement in thyroid complications as u said. U Need to balance diet exercise yoga medicines and suppliments all together for better results. We have very good treatment plan for ur problems. For more information c ...

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My sister age is 18 years old but she is not growing up.means our family almost everybody more than 5 feet but my sister is below than 4 feet.what can i do now?she have any hormone problem?can you suggest me something?

Hi there. At 18 years old and less than 4 feet, I think your sister has a genetic problem. Please bring her to an obstetrician and gynecologist with supspecialty on reproductive endocrinology so that your sister can be worked up completely. ...

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Hi, I have irregular periods due to pcod and I am facing difficulties to conceive, every two months once I am getting periods and the bleeding is continuing many days means until I get medicine support to control it's continuing,my pelvic scan was normal except MSF in both ovaries and thyroid is normal and I had imbalance b/w FSH and LH hormone so kindly suggest me what treatment I can take to regularize my periods and to conceive,I got married 4years back,I am not conceived yet

First of all, You need to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist with specialty in infertility, there are other things to consider besides the FSH and LH. We need the other data also like if your fallopian tubes are blocked or not. One of the most important factors also to consider is the sperm count and quality of your husband. ...

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