my age is 22. can my hight be
  my age is 22. can my hight be

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my age is 22. can my hight be increase by any hormone replacement therapy? if yes then what will be the cost?

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Yes you can increase height,but the amount benefit you get will be dependent whether you are deficient of hormone which increases height(growth hormone). If yes then then benefit would be good and if no then the benefit would be less.

Growth hormone single shot costs somewhere around 700-1000 rs and how long treatment is given would be dependent on your tests .

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I need to have Knee Lubrication Injection as knee replacement surgery seems risky and may be difficult for my weight to carry on after operation. Pls advise. Thanks

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Hi I am Dr Alok, Rheumatologist from Delhi yes, you can take injection, but remember, its effect lasting for 3 months to 1 year only, mean while you should do physiotherapy. But if joints are damaged completely, there is no option but to surgery Hope this will help should you have any queries, please donot hesitate ...
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I have conjunctivitis and have double knee replacement scheduled in about 18 days. Could this cause a problem with developing an infection in my knee replacement site?

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i don't think so take antibiotic then go to surgery ...
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My husband was recently diagnosed with a thoracic aortic dilation of 4.2 during a preop echocardiogram. Cat scan was also done. No evidence of dissection. He is having bilateral knee replacement on January 17. His cardiologist has cleared him for surgery for both knees. Should we be getting a second opinion. I should mention he is 67 years old, no evidence of heart blockages, no diabetes.

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surely get the second opinion from other cardiologist ...
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do growth hormone injections really help you grow taller and how safe is it?

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Hi, Growth hormone injection really help you but will help you only till your epipyhsis has not fused and growth is not complete. In females usually the epiphysis are usually fused before the period are started so it may be of no help to her(your sister) or may be of very little help to you. Growth hormone makes you prone to hypertension and fluid retention. Feel free to ask more questions. ...
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i want law cost knee replacement surgery,all infermation

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low cost means low quality implant ,low quality treatment standards.think twice and take a right decision ...
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