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I am suffering from Acute Urticaria and am on Allegra together with Betnesol for the past 1 year. I also have Hypothyroidism. As a result I have gained a lot of wieght.

Thank you for the information. Your history qualifies as Chronic Urticaria. This can have many underlying causes and management consists of trying to find an underlying cause along with treating the patient symptomatically. Hypothyroidism and in particular thyroid auto-antibodies are an important cause of Chronic Urticaria. So this could well be the case with you given your history of hypothyroidism. Still other causes need to be ruled out. Other common causes include Infection anywhere in t ...

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I have gained 4 kgs during the last 3 months, constipated and hypersensitive. are they symptoms of hypothyroidism. My age is 49+

Hi, Yes all these symptoms can be of hypothyroidism.However you need to get tested to get it confirmed(tests for thyroid). However hypothyroidism can lead to raised ldl(cholesterol),which can further lead to hypertension.(but that is not necessary that it leads to hypertension it can be a separate issue also). These problems might have to be separately handled,which will be known only after your response to thyroid drugs. ...

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my grandson of 12 days has normal ranges of t4 and t3 but 6.3 tsh. mothers direct coombs test is negative . he is apositive and mother is o negative. he is born at 37 weeks by caesarian. does he have congenital hypothyroidism? he is ok drinks mothers milk .indirect coombs test for anti-bodies is also negative

Hi, Yes your child is suffering from congenital hypothyroidism. Although it is mild, he will need to be prescribed with drugs, because hypothyroidism is a very common cause for retarded growth and mental retardation. Rest everything is related to the initial time of birth. That only means that your daughter in law will need to be prescribed with anti d injection before next pregnancy. ...

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Hi . I have hypothyroidism amd taking thyronorm 25mcg. I also was diagnosed with pcod last year but the gynaec adviced no treatment saying it sometimes happen temporarily. My periodsare currently normal n regural. but i am still suffering from hair loss..throigh internet research i have concluded that i have female.pattern hairloss.currently I am taking follihair and felol z tablets along with mintop lotion. at night. I am also using renocia . i am taking this since 2 weeks but hair are still falling. also the diameter of my hair have reduced.

Hi, Intially when you start taking treatment for hair loss it can result in incresed hair loss for a intial few days,this is not the point for worry but since you have started using minoxidil for hair growth it will have to be used till the time you need hair. People start using these drugs under anxiety, but should not have been used by you without consultation. I agree with your gynec for not giving you any treatment ...

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Dear sir, suffering rhematoid arthatitis for last 6 years. 3 years ago hypothyroidism involved me and suffering tachycardia.By the test of HRCT interestitial lung disease,pulmonary hypertension . doctor also noticed Raynauld,s phenomena.How will I cure for sufferings?

Hi I am dr alok, rheumatologist from delhi I am sorry that you are suffering from his problem All of your `problems are the complication of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Unfortunately RA, raynauds pulmonary hypertension and interstitial lung disease are uncurable but these are well managable by a trained doctor you need to see a trained rheumatologist there as soon as possible. ...

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