Now I am 10 weeks pregnant and
  Now I am 10 weeks pregnant and

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Now I am 10 weeks pregnant and my doctor is saying that USG is showing that the foetus is 9 weeks old and no such limbs are seen in the foetus. Doctor advised to take Injection CORION 5000IU weekly and ARGIPREG Sachet -1 sachet daily with other regular Tablets like ASA 50(1 daily), SYSFOL PLUS (2tab daily) and DUBAGEST-200(1 daily). Doctor is suspecting the foetus is of poor growth and poor liquor. Doctor said to take Injection for 3 weeks and if any improvements are not found then, I have to discontinue my pregnancy, but I am not in a mood to take such decision. Please guide me if I can carry my pregnancy and what shall I do now?


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At 9 weeks,your ultrasound report will not show limbs,only limb buds are visible at 9 weeks pregnancy,so dont worry.Also.assesment of water around the baby ( liquor )usually is not made at this stage.there is a 1 week lag in your usg scan report,which can be present in any normal usg scan done at this duration of pregnancy.
You have not mentioned about the babys heartbeat in your usg scan report.
Kindly repeat your ultrasound after taking the medicines after 2 weeks and review with your doctor.
In my opinion carrying the pregnancy will not be difficult for you if all other parameters are normal, but proper follow up is essential.

Patient asked followup Question: 12 years ago

Hello doctor. I want to say you that I had a history of stillbirth last year where the same happened when doctor said that the foetus was losing gestational age for 2-3 days in each month for about 8 months. I am very much anxious when Dr said the same thing this time also. Doctor diagnosed through USG herself and did not provide the heartbeat count of the foetus to me. She said it is live only. Is it a problem of Hormones? I took one Injection of Corian 5000IU this Sunday. What is the function of this injection and shall I continue it weekly? Also reply me that can I contact u with my USG report which is due on 31 th of this month. And please guide me can I feel the foetus movement in me now? Thank you.

your case is one of high risk pregnancy as you have had one previous still birth. If Baby has poor birth weight and leads to still birth ,then other causes of poor growth of baby in recurrent pregnancies needs to be evaluated.Please get your thyroid profile done,thrombophilia screen done as these are the most common causes of theses problems.also let me know whether the baby was normal in appearance in previous pregnancy and if any autopsy was suggested to you.
inj corion and is given to support pregnancy but you require other medications for you to successfully carry the pregnancy.
Kindly get all the above investigations done so that i can guide you further

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Hi, What problem are you having right now except for missing perio? You could have attached your urinary reports on the site,do you have some problems with your urine right now(any burning in urine or discharge along with urine or any discharge per vaginal,if yes whether it is foul smelling,what colour,and how much in quantity but about right now and not about november. i told you about November. To tell you further examination and tests are necessary and you need to tell a little more to m ...
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