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Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night with tingling numb hands, and thought that i must have just been sleeping on them. But now about once a day, one of my hand will start to feel numb and tingly. Also, I recently got a hemorrhoid so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Hi, If you tell me that you have numbness in night only then even I might have thought that but if you have numbness even in the day then there can be many causes but haemorrhoid and this disease should not be linked and they don't have anything in common. Do you have any pain in back ? Does colour change when you have numbness (do they change to blue) ? Do you have regular headache ? Otherwise whatever the complaint be - - Try avoid smoking - Try avoid caffeine - Keep your feet warm Fee ...

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I have an irregular heart beat that on occasion has been making my chest feel like someone is poking it. The poking pain feeling only occurs in a single location (right side of my sternum next to my nipple) and goes away in a few seconds. Went to the ER but the blood tests found nothing. This has been going on since 8pm Tuesday. I had issues sleeping until my wife came in, and when she laid down next to me I fell asleep. I have no issue staying asleep. Also, I have little to no appetite and I also have to burp a lot.

Hi, For the symptoms you are presenting, we need to rule out the presence of angina in such a situation since you have told me that your blood tests revealed nothing. I also hope that you must have got an ECG done(which can only rule out presence of any heart disease). Excessive burping and such symptoms can also be due to gerd(gastro esophageal reflux disease). First of all you will have to rule out any associated heart disease,since you are in high risk group(diabetic,mildly hypertensive). ...

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Hi , My dad is 68 years old.He is diabetic and suffering from blood pessure. Also he has Sleep apnea issues..Offlate he is sleeping excessively, speaks while sleeping and also speaks assuming that a person is nearby (while the person is nt in the vicinity)..What can be the reason for the same?..A friend of mine asked me to check sodium levels..If that has to be tested , should that be done before fasting...

Hi, You told me that your father is having hallucinations(he sees what is not there actually),these are commonly seen due to hyperosmolar, hyperglycemic , nonketotic syndromes. The cause of hallucination is usually rapid rise in blood sugar.(the cause might be some exisiting infection in body). I have never heard of hallucination due to electrolyte imbalance,however you may get it checked as(electrolyte imbalance) definitely can cause confusion. Rest if he has very high blood sugar, dehydrat ...

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for weeks i have been sleeping all day and night. and have been running a low grade fever... 99.8-101.4 depending on the day. i have no energy at all. i wake up only to go to the bathroom or to take my meds. other than that i do not feel sick.

Hi, I don't think these symptoms are because of any accident in which your head hit a window. That is difficult and it seems to be some kind of an infection only and usually the viral infection heals up automatically in around 5-6 days. They can be of multiple types and and at times they can be very serious,in which your sleep might be affected too. But wait for blood tests they would tell you something about your health further,and if your health does not improve then you may go for further ...

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What causes insomnia from the abcess i have not been sleeping at all the past couple of nights. I got the tooth pulled today will that help?

If the insomnia was due to pain caused because of the abscess, then yes, it will decrease the pain and resolve the insomnia problem :) ...

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I am a 38 years old male having high blood pressure and Now doctor advise to taking a tablet every morning and evening called LOTENSYL 10mg,Storrvas 10mg,minipress2.5mg Arkarmin ,phostat trice in a day and Febutaz 40 before sleeping. most of time Bp has 150/90 at morning,evening quite high like 160/100 ,PR 86. Lipid profile TC 190. HDL - 34mg/dL, LDL - 104.0 mg/dL, VLDL - 52.00,TRIGLYCERIDES- 306.00 mg/dL.

Hi, Your tests are more or less normal but are in a little higher range as for sodium is a little high. Then you also have proteinuria which can have multiple causes like anxiety,blood pressure,diabetes,infection or many others. Proteinuria can occur due to problems in kidney,and also it can cause other problems in kidney. So you have to remain cautious about this and deal with your blood pressure seriously if that is the only reason or cause for your proteinuria For now follow the following ...

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I am experiencing sleepiness in daytime in my office. I am not feeling drowsy while talking, walking, traveling in vehicles, riding bike or watching TV. My sleeping time in the night is 12:30 AM to 7:30 AM. I do not have smoking or drinking habit. Is this a serious condition? Do I need to take medication?

Hi Then just follow what I told you to do. You may do yoga and early morning exercise for improving from chronic nasal congestion and reducing stress. I have also seen people improve with homeopathic treatment for chronic allergies,so if you want to try it. Try to maintain chronic allergies,that would be helpful as well. Having a healthy diet also reduces also helps you to reduce stress. Try and reduce stress in all other departments of your life. Keep a check on your diabetic status ...

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I am facing breathing difficulty from last 3 days. I am allergic to dust. Few days ago, while sleeping I wasn't taking a breath, my room-mate awaken me. Also have difficulty in concentration, tonsil pain and small amount of headache with appetite lowered than usual.

Hi, As you told me that you have sounds in your chest,you need better attention than the drugs given to you(the four drugs you mentioned me). You should have been prescribed with an bronchodialator by your dotor which is missing in your prescription. Not remembering dreams is basically fine with most people and that is not a problem(that means that you had a sound sleep). What you told me that you stopped breathing in middle of night this is known as paroxsysmal nocturnal dyspnea and is usual ...

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