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  I am facing breathing difficul

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I am facing breathing difficulty from last 3 days. I am allergic to dust. Few days ago, while sleeping I wasn't taking a breath, my room-mate awaken me. Also have difficulty in concentration, tonsil pain and small amount of headache with appetite lowered than usual.

PAST HISTORY : Allergic to dust particles and sinus

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The season change is going on and most of the allergic people are having trouble at this time,now it depends how much trouble you are having.Many people are having viral infection currently.Now it seems that you are too having some kind of upper respiratory infection(which has involved throat).

1) Are you having any sounds like whistling(commonly known as wheeze)while deep breathing at expiration ?
2) Do you feel about that your diaphragm being pushed up ?
3) You did not tell me about your weight
4) Is there any change in your voice
5) Do you have any problem in deglutition ?
6) Are you having fever and bodyache ?
7) Do you have cold or cough ?

You may follow the following -
1) Have plenty of water
2) Try early morning yoga,a little daily exercise(for five days a week and for 40 mins)
3) If overweight try to loose weight
4) Avoid dust,or avoid going out in evening weather when the sun starts to go off
5) Try to have lighter meals and have more number of meals than having more food in less meals
6) Avoid dinner or have your dinner a little early(avoid spicy food)
7) Have soft diet like porridge,daliya,khichadi
if you are having fever you may have paracetamol 500mg sos(as and when needed) up to three times a day,you might have levofloxacin 500mg od(only on prescription by a doctor after examination)),cough syrup(if any any cough),medicine for cold (if you have nose blocked or runny),lactobacillus which is used so that you don't have diarrhoea due to antibiotic and as i told you plenty of water.
you should be well as soon as the season goes off

Patient asked followup Question: 5 years ago

Well, answers to all your questions is Yes, and my weight is 41kg. Height 5.4. I am having nightmares too during my sleep.


1) Are you on inhalers ?
2) Are the sounds at any particular time of day if daily or are are they present all the time,or how frequently do they occur if not daily ?
3) Do yo see any pus discharge ?

This is serious and you should consult a doctor(an internal medicine specialist) right away. Rest all other questions indicate that probably you had a viral infection,and now you have a super-infection added bacterial infection for which you should have an antibiotic course.

Your weight is too less for your height and you should gain weight by adding calories to your diet and sugars to your diet and having at least 5 meals a day. That can be reason for you, that you might fall ill every other time because of nutrients deficit (like proteins and other micro-nutrient deficiency)

Patient asked followup Question: 5 years ago

1) I have been recommended a nasal spray by my doctor around 2 months ago. But it wasn't helping me from last three days. I am having sinus problem from last 7 yrs. 2) Early in the morning, I feel those sounds and little cough with little headache. I don't prefer fan; but as I am leaving away from home, my room-mate needs it badly. I put sweaters in that case. 3) pus is white, gel like clear and I feel better after it's discharge. Some medicines given by my Dr: 1)Azee 2)Cetzine 3)Ascof syrup Are they fine or need some better attention? P.S: I was having nightmares for last three days and slept like not remembering a single dream which was unusual for me. Few days ago when I had nightmare, I almost stopped my breathing, my roomie awakes me and I was somehow saved my life that day. Shall I consult some specialist Dr. in this case? If yes to whome (stream)?


As you told me that you have sounds in your chest,you need better attention than the drugs given to you(the four drugs you mentioned me). You should have been prescribed with an bronchodialator by your dotor which is missing in your prescription.

Not remembering dreams is basically fine with most people and that is not a problem(that means that you had a sound sleep). What you told me that you stopped breathing in middle of night this is known as paroxsysmal nocturnal dyspnea and is usually seen in patients of heart ailments,or respiratory distress(along nose block) or might also be seen once in a while of normal person(due to too much of anxiety)

You have to show to an internal medicine specialist ( MD Medicine) for this problem at least your respiratory problem first and if your history will suggest the doctor about any heart disease then he will or might also perform tests for your heart.

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