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Currently I am feeling like very weak and headache, mouth is smelling and unable to eat anything and nose is dry and also teeth are paining. Can you please let me know , what could be the problem, it is a flu like symptom..?

This is due to viral fever ,sinusitis . Maintain fluid intake ,have healthy and fresh food,take rest ,have fruits and vegetables and light food . Get your check up done to near physicians and dentist.. ...

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hi, I am 26 year old male.My heart pulse rate is 100 bpm at rest, blood pressure range from 120-136/80-90, when high blood pressure I have pain behind eye and headache. I also feel chest tightness sometime. when I walk or do physical activity I can feel slight breath. From recent blood work my chelostorel is 245. what could be the problem?

Hi, You should try to lower it right now with diet first for 3-4 months. If no effects are seen then you may go on with drugs for this(raised cholesterol). Your blood pressure is not high otherwise it is just a little raised for your age. As soon as your cholesterol comes down your b.p will also reduce. If you have chest tightness,it can also be due to allergy(asthma). If you want to go for further test there are many tests but for now probably ECG is enough for you. if that is normal you don ...

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I am facing breathing difficulty from last 3 days. I am allergic to dust. Few days ago, while sleeping I wasn't taking a breath, my room-mate awaken me. Also have difficulty in concentration, tonsil pain and small amount of headache with appetite lowered than usual.

Hi, As you told me that you have sounds in your chest,you need better attention than the drugs given to you(the four drugs you mentioned me). You should have been prescribed with an bronchodialator by your dotor which is missing in your prescription. Not remembering dreams is basically fine with most people and that is not a problem(that means that you had a sound sleep). What you told me that you stopped breathing in middle of night this is known as paroxsysmal nocturnal dyspnea and is usual ...

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i have just removed 4 teeths with the hlpe pf dentist. there was lot of headache bcz of teeth pain. he has given me pain-killer Durapain (Tramadol Hydrochloride IR & Diclofenac Sodium SR) however headache is still there. can i take crocin now.

You can take Crocin provided you do not have any peptic ulcers. Also the cause of headaches may lie somewhere else like changes in blood pressures, arteriosclerosis and wide climatic changes in temperatures. ...

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Hi doctor can you please advise me about the tests which i may go a to understand the actual issue.Every day in the morning when i wake up , i feel terrible pain in my headache and till now i am trying to avoid disprin . Can i take disprin 2-3 times in a day ...does it lead to any side-effect ?

Hi Ryan, Could you please elaborate about your headache. In which part of your head does it ache, Since when, how many times a day, Does it have any relation with any activity, does any activity increases or decreases its intensity, Do you have any other associated symptoms, Does taking Disprin relieves it? Yes definitely all the medicines have side effects. Regards. ...

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i am having headache, to be specific pain aroung my eye socket region. Have been feeling pukish too

Pain in and around eye socket is caused by pressure on the ocular nerves commonest cause is because of inflammation secondary to allergies, sinusitis and infections, also other eye conditions. ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

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