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what to feed infants with dysentery .my daughter who is bottle fed has dysentery she is about 4 months and 23days . pls advice

Hi, It has been seen in our practice that bottle feeding no, how hygienically you give it, can lead to infections in infants.And only breastfeeding is safe till infant is 6 months of age.So try to give more of breastfeeds to the infant if possible.If complete breastfeeds are not feasible then please give undiluted pasteurized cow's milk by cup and spoon to the child.Any solid feeds are not recommended till 6 months of age.And since dysentery is always infective don't forget to give an anti ...

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My 5 month baby having dysentery for last 4 days.i gave oral hydration solution but not yet cured. Shal I gave lop amid tablet. Or what other else I have to give to my child to recover from lose stool

Dysentry means presence of blood and mucus in stools, maybe it's just diarrhoea (watery or semi-loose stools) Stool examination will give more clue-- may need antibiotic in addition to ORS and zinc supplement. The doctor will try to rule out intussusception (intestinal blockage)-- may need ultrasound imaging of abdomen. ...

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