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Kill-Kilo (an extract from a konjac root in Japan) is being heavily promoted by a Dr Shinto of Natural Choice, Ville Amphrey, St Martins GY4 6DT. Part of the claim is that it has been used by geishas to keep slim. A typical claim is that someone lost over 3 stone with no effort, no diet and only in 4 weeks(!) Also "lose up to 1 stone in 1 week". Is this a SCAM or is it genuine? If the latter, are there any side effects or interference with any medications?

Hi, Kill kilo diet pills are basically fat burners with unknown composition/ingredient and have been advertised quite a lot. There has not been any drug trials to test these kind of pills or its interaction with other drugs. These are not approved by FDA and more on this can only be trusted if told by people who have tried it. The way to go about weight loss is to talk to a nutritionist and following the plan as told. Also, physical exercises are important. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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good afternoon, i have a stinky saliva which makes me wonder what is the root of this symptomps, my dentist said my oral condition is perfect, i did endoskopy and my interntist as well as gastro doctor didnt find anything that could possibly related with stinky saliva problem. what else should i find out to determine the cause of it? i think this stinky saliva started 2 or 3 years ago. i didnt worry too much at first, but lately ive been very concern.

You have to do the test properly. You have to wait a good 2-3 hours after you put anything (including water) into your mouth. Also, alkaline is Blue almost turning purple. Just a good dark blue. If it is green, you are much more acidic than neutral (7.0 pH), but where you want to be is a bit higher than neutral at 7.4 which is dark blue. And right before you take the test swallow the saliva in your mouth a few times and then draw up fresh saliva from underneath your tongue. And THEN take the tes ...

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So i got 5 teeth pulled as well as 2 root canals andthey put a temp bridge im on clyndamiacin for4 days but now its hard to breathe and my tongue is covered in thick yellow stuff please respond so i know if i should go to emergency room

it is quite a lot of work to get done in one go. and that too with limited antibiotic cover. are you on any pain killers? if problem persists you need to get it checked. ...

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how can i get over this problem and eliminate it from root cause?

May i please know the problem for which the root cause should be eliminated ??? ...

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Dr. Opinder Singh Thind

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Dr. Sunny Sharma

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Dr. Krupesh Rajani

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