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  I wonder if you could give dir

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I wonder if you could give direction I dont know whether to go to the doctor or the dentist? I broke a crown about 3mths ago, whicht he dentist sorted out for me but about a mth later I developed a cold and my crown became so sensitive I couldnt close my mouth it felt like it had a pulse and the bone was rejecting the post. after googling I realised it could very well be a sinus infection and got a 10 day course of anitbiotics which helped immensley, but the gum where it connects to the cheek pulses and if I run my finger over the spot I feel as though I am getting an electric shock. It was fine if i didnt touch it but over the last few days the pain has come back and a lump is developing and spreading. the pain is in my cheek bone and around my eye socket, I had a root canal on this tooth over 10 years ago with no problems and the tooth has no odour or any leakage around it

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Dear Patient, Your problem is related to oral cavity and the right place to go is the dentist. Since a Root canal was done 10 years back and had been trouble free so long it may not be the cause. The cause may be periodontal involvement and spreading of infection of the same tooth or adjacent one. Since your tooth seems to be extruding and you could not close your mouth normally it indicates that periapical infection and periodontal involvement. After xrays & clinical evaluation an surgical removal of the Infection at the root tips can be performed depending on the tooth

Follow Dr. Mansuri's advice. Also additionally get a PNS X-ray to check for sinusitis. Ask your dentist to evaluate for vertical fracture of the tooth. If that's the case then the tooth will need an extraction

An intra oral periapical radiogragh of the area associated with the tooth will make clear whether there is periapical infection with the tooth. if so a re root canal will be needed


Your problem seems to be primarily dental.
I wolud recommend you to visit the dental proffesional an make an x ray..
From wat history you hav provided it seems the nerve has been damaged and there is infection, pus, developed below the tooth.. hence the wierd senstion... sinus infection may or may not be related to the tooth..
sp kindly visit the dr and take his opinion.

If your tooth is fine, post opinion from dr, u may need to visit an ENT...

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