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i am just 25 years old.My height is 169 cm&weight-72 kgslast 10 days back i checked my bp,it is 150/ lipid profile reports are normal,in ultrasound scanning liver was minute enlarged,i am taking stamlo beta for my hypertension,now can i use ayurveda medicines for hyprtension & liver enlargement.

Hi, Looking at your detail that you gave me, you seem to have a normal BMI (body mass index),and normal cholesterol levels which is a good thing. There can be many people who might have a slight or mildly enlarged liver that only means that you should have a little less on your cholesterol or oil in eating and may be alcohol if you ingest it. You can use ayurvedic drugs for your liver,but I wont say them for hypertension. Now a days many doctors prescribe diuretics as a first line of treatmen ...

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I have had amenerhea after the pill and had not had a period since last April (9 months ago). My OB put me on progesterone to induce withdrawal bleed and is likely going to diagnose PCOS. She is supposed to call today but first labs showed a Fsh:lh of over 3:1 so it looks like PCOS. I am having a very painful withdrawal bleed on this progesterone. Started with right side pain, constant ache in pelvic region now, and pain during bowel movements/urination? Does this sound normal for a progesterone withdrawal bleed?

Hi, Small cyst rupturing does not cause pain usually and since you are better with nsaids, you don't need to do anything and may continue with nsaids. But haemorrhagic cyst are painful(extreme degree) and if your pain is not relieved by nsaids or you think pain is aggravating or it may be unbearable,it will be advisable to go for an ultrasound abdomen to rule out any kind of haemorrhage. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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i have to reduce my male boobs is there any medicine in ayurveda....please tell

Hi, Cost of treatment is very variable (depends upon the size of gynaecomasia ) If the size is less or if reports say the cause to treatable by hormones then it should not be very expensive . But if surgery has to be done it is an expensive procedure (in lacs). I don't know about the exact cost and you have to check with hospital. Take care. ...

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Hello Doc I am diagnosed for PCOS ,TTC with siphene 100mg. On the 13th day of my periods the follicular study shows Right 8.3X8mm ,left 9.9X7.2 mm, i was not convinced with the scan report due to some reasons which i faced during my previous scan ,so went for another ultrasound scan from another hospital on the 14th day of my periods. The folicular size on 14th day shows Right :10.6x7.6mm and Left 14.9X9.4mm My question here is how can the follicules in a day grow from 9.9x7.2mm to 14.9X9.4 mm? and are there any chances for me to concieve this time with follicules 14.9x9.4 mm on the 14th day by an HCG shot at the right time ? and taking ultrasound scans many times is of any harm ????

Hi, Ideally if some one has a regular cycle(periods) the follicle should be mature and ready to rupture on thirteenth day,size of a mature follicle is around 20-21mm when it ruptures. It depends why metformin is given to you if the only cause is pcod and is just given for this then it would be stopped after you conceive,but if you have type 2 diabetes(insulin resistance) along with pcod then it would be continued life long. Many people achieve periods after they have their first baby. ...

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Hi, I am 28years old and married 4years ago. I am trying to concieve. I am having PCOS and lil high prolactin. I have done the follicle study 3times and all the 3times egg was released but no success in getting preg. This time too my doctr gave me initial 5days siphine 100mg tablets and did scanning till 14th day however i was having multiple small follicles. Doctor told me this time chances for releasing egg is less however i will get my period on time. Now it is 40th day and i have done home preg test but negative. Usually whenever i have taken 5days siphine 100mg tablets i used to get my periods on 28 to 30days. What is the reason for delay in getting my period this time? Will there be chances for preg ?

Hi!! If your pregnancy test is negative( home kit),then you should still get a blood test to rule out pregnancy.This is called a serum beta hcg test and can be done in any routien laboratory any time of the day.This test if value less tahne 5 will confirm that there is no pregnancy. Your period can also be delayed due to PCOD, like you said that the doctor said that the eggs were not ruptured in this cycle.If the pregnancy beta hcg test is negative ,take withdrawal medication of meprate and star ...

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I am suffering from varicocele since 4 years.It aggravated initially in my opinion due to weight lifting.After taking medicines it never went away and i had a surgery after 2 years.the pain was not entirely gone but started aggravating in 2 months post surgery.Since then i have tried homeopathy and i have tried changing my food habits by reducing my non veg drastically but of no avail.I am really sick of this pain.It aggravates after i exercise, after urination and bowel movements, and it pains in the morning after i get up.I want some ayurveda treatment for this condition.

Hi, I think you should get it checked with a surgeon if the surgery was successful and if you have not developed any complication or may be some other problem may be in the same or other testis then there should be no pain due the same varicocele. Otherwise also varicocele is an emergency and should be consulted immediately and you should not waste time to consult a general surgeon. I am not sure over ayurvedic drugs and can prescribe you only allopathic treatment. Avoid doing heavy excercise. ...

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will homeopathy be helpful in pcos.... hw much weight can i lose in 3 months if i tak the treatment?

Hello Patient, Homeopathy works wonderfully in cases of PCOS. PCOS is basically a stress-based condition causing imbalance of hormones in the body. There is no hard and fast rule as to how much weight you can lose in a given period of time. It depends on the severity of PCOS, how well your homeopath handles your case, and how diligently you follow the treatment and diet. I would suggest you to go in for homeopathic treatment as soon as possible because PCOS is treatable and it should not lead to ...

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Hello Doctor I have a Localized morphia Skin Prob on my face under the left side of eye i what to know about permanent cure of morphia so which type of medicine gives best result that means Allopathic,homeopathic or Ayurveda medicine plz suggest me

Dear Ma'am, To be honest I ve only one such patient with me undergoing Homoeopathic Treatment from me. It is too early to tell about the progress but I'am sure homoeopathy can cure the condition. ...

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I am 7 weeks pregnant and have taken meprate 10 mg for 5 days thrice daily thinking I am suffering from PCOS. I didn't have my periods since nov'12. I did an ultrasound and everything is normal in that. I didn't got bleeding as well since I was pregnant. I am hearing mixed opinions about side effects of meprate on foetus. Can you suggest, can I go ahead with my pregnancy, is there an complications attached...

Hi!! Meprate ( medroxyprogesterome acetate) is safe if taken accidentally in pregnancy.It is norethindrone( norethisterone ) that has harmful effects of genital organs of the female fetus. Also,fetal genital organs are affected between 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. There is no method to know that fetus does not have any congenital malformations.Even ultrasound cannot pick up many congenital malformations which may be due to various reasons ...

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Hi... I am Supriya. I have been married for 7 yrs from now and I am suffering with infertility problem. In the 1st yr of our wedding I have went for termination twice since i was looking for job and we were not in planning.:( :( :( . I am undergoing treatment from past 5 yrs and everything was fine as per doctors. Just 1 yr back I gottu know that my right tube has partially blocked due to infection and I have developed TB for Fallopian tubes. I am sick and tired of taking allopathy medicines from very long time and with no result. Hence I am planning to go for Ayurvedic treatment. Currently we are staying at Bangalore. Could you please suggest me what kind of treatment would be best(allopathy/homeopathy/ayurvedic). I know Homeopathy is time taking treatment. I cannot wait anymore for having a baby :( ... Hence please suggest me what kind of treatment i should go. If I have to go to ayurvedic treament, kindly sugegst me some good hospitals as well. Thanks in advance for your patience !! Regards, Supriya.

Hi Supriya!! TB of the fallopian tubes can lead to infertilty as the tubes get blocked.In your case the TB of the tubes,is probably the most important cause of the infertilty. If tb has been confirmed like you say,my advice would be that you take complete treatment for tuberculosis.The complete treatment would be allopathic treament which can range from 6-9 mths depending upon the extent of disease.As far as my knowledge goes, I am not aware of any ayurvedic/homeopathic treatment for TB. ...

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