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  i have to reduce my male boobs

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i have to reduce my male boobs is there any medicine in ayurveda....please tell

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Patient asked followup Question: 5 years ago

please tell me perfect medicine as i m going to marry this year and i feel very embaress and shy woring shirts and t shirts without jacket please help


There are some methods which I know in allopathic treatment. Hormonal treatment might be recommended. Radiotherapy might be given or cosmetic surgery can be done.(treatment depends upon cause and severity)

I have no idea about ayurvedic treatment.

Feel free to ask more questions

Patient asked followup Question: 5 years ago

how much iot cost


Cost of treatment is very variable (depends upon the size of gynaecomasia )

If the size is less or if reports say the cause to treatable by hormones then it should not be very expensive . But if surgery has to be done it is an expensive procedure (in lacs). I don't know about the exact cost and you have to check with hospital.

Take care.

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